Wood Blinds

Whether you are looking for more traditional or exotic window coverings, wood blinds may be the solution for you. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to the style and materials of wood blinds to select for your window coverings. There are even fiberglass blinds where the slats look like wood but aren't. Look for the numerous options that will fit your style and budget.

Wood blinds were one of the first window treatments used, and in fact, were popular in colonial times because fabric drapes were very expensive. Back then wooden blinds were made locally and were less expensive than the fabric drapes that had to be imported from England. While no longer an inexpensive option, wood blinds still offer a warm and rich addition to any room and any decor. Because they come in a variety of wood tones and can even be painted, they are versatile and reflect lasting quality.

Wooden blinds are available in the same form as other blinds, including horizontal, vertical, plantation shutters, and woven wood blinds.

Woven wood blinds, sometimes called Pinoleum, let light filter into a room, keeping the worst of the summer sun out yet not giving a room that cave-like look. Though originally a Victorian era solution to filtering heat and light, this kind of wood blind looks great in a modern home too. Add a lining and you get a woven wood blind with a bit more privacy.

One advantage of a woven wood blind over traditional wooden blinds is they can be made in roman or roll-up style, depending on which look you want. You can use standard thin planks or twigs (referred to as Abachi blinds), bamboo or other grasses, and even jute to create your special look. Combine that with a coordinated or contrasting valance and you have stunning window covering.

Get your wood blinds with the popular no-holes option to stop light from leaking into your rooms. Plus, you'll get tighter closure. As a result you'll block more light, insulate better, and create more privacy. Some wooden blinds come with the option to motorize or raise them without cords, providing even safer operation and easier operation. Choose from 1", 2", or larger slats, or select other natural materials, to create the wood blinds you want.