Window Treatments Ideas

Window treatment ideas abound, you just have to know where to find them. Of course, then there's implementing the great new idea, but that's another article another time. Combining treatments can give you flexibility and style you won't find just anywhere. Let your imagination run wild!

Window treatment choices are often overwhelming, but they can be a very important facet of how your home feels to visitors and to your family. Some homeowners find the selection of window treatments too vast to even try to decide which ones would be right for each room, however, and this just causes them to give up and choose the most neutral window treatments that they can find. This choice is safe and comfortable, but why live life that way? There are fabric window treatments ideas all over the internet, in magazines, and in books. You are sure to find something more exciting and interesting for your room than plain, neutral window treatments.

The internet has a plethora of fabric window treatment ideas. From blinds to curtains to swags, you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy. You can look at interior design sites, window treatment sites, and do it yourself sites, as well as anywhere else that you can possibly think of. Then you simply print out the picture and take it with you to the store or, if your budget allows, take it to your interior designer for them to help you recreate the look in your own room.

Magazines and books are also great sources for window treatments ideas. There are dozens of home decorating magazines that are available each month in all different kinds of decorating styles. There are also hundreds of books that are available offering you pictures and do-it-yourself tips to creating window treatments that you can be proud of. The best part is that you can do this search for free simply by visiting your local library or, if you choose, you can purchase them at your local bookstore. Then you simply take them with you when you shop or show them to your interior designer.

You imagination is another excellent source for fabric window treatments ideas. Most people are afraid to go with what they are thinking because they are not sure how it would look, but how long does it take to change out a window treatment? In most cases, a change can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Why not go with what you are thinking and at least try it? You may be pleasantly surprised by how great your windows can look with something that comes from your imagination and expresses your personality.

Your friends and neighbors also have ideas to share. A neighbor of mine bought an Indian blanket print fleece throw for her curtains. She draped them across a wooden dowel she used for her curtain rod, and then tied the "curtains" back with a leather thong that was attached to the edge of the blanket. She got the throws on sale too. She had a great looking window treatment for very little money.

We took the fleece throw concept a different direction. We have long windows that would be difficult to find curtain rods and curtains big enough to cover them. So we bought coated airplane wire, eye bolts, and hooks for our curtain rods. We thread the wire through small slits we made in the throw, and then attached the wires to the eye bolts. We covered our windows for a low price, and got a look we enjoy.

Fabric window treatments do not have to worry you. With just a little time and research, you will be more able to determine what you want for your window and your home. Don't let the decision overwhelm you into a safe choice. Being bold and innovative to find the fabric window treatments ideas that fit both your personality and desires will help to make your home an extension of you and your personality. Then you will find that your home becomes more comfortable and welcoming for you and your family. Isn't that what you want?