Window Curtains

Window curtains give you the ability to control a room's look and function. You can create a mood or style with your choice of window curtain. You can block views, giving privacy, and control temperature exchange between inside and out. There are lots of choices, so do your research, think about your needs, and have fun creating the right window treatment for your home or office.

Windows are a very important part of any home. They are the eyes of the child, according to some Asian philosophies. Although most people do not put much thought into their window coverings or curtain choice, your window curtains can have a huge impact on the feel and look of your room and your home. They can help influence your decorating style or they can detract from it. This is why you need to learn more about the window curtains that are available and evaluate your needs in each room to determine which curtains are right for your lifestyle, home, and the particular room that you need curtains for.

Going to the store to look for window curtains can be overwhelming. With all of the choices available, how are you supposed to choose for each room? The best thing to do is to take one room at a time. Evaluate what activities are done in that particular room, the decorating style of the room, and the function that the curtains will serve in the room, and then you will be on your way to making a decision.

Activities in the room/Function of the room:
You need to think about what happens in that room. For example, a kitchen will need curtains that are easy to clean because of the grease and grime that is stirred up with cooking that will invariably coat those coverings. A formal living room likely won't need curtains that are as easy to clean as the kitchen does. A bedroom possibly needs room-darkening window coverings so people can sleep during the day. Think about what you do in the room to help you determine what kind of fabric and design will work best in that particular room. Keep the scale of both the room and the windows in mind when choosing curtains.

Decorating style:
The decorating style has a big impact on your choice of curtains. If your room is decorating in country decor, you want to choose curtains that are more country in look. If French chateau is your look, then curtains that support and reflect that decorating style are in order. Curtains are not normally the focal point, however, so you choose curtains that are in the same style, but that don't detract from the style by being too fussy, detailed, etc.

Do the curtains need to offer privacy? Do the curtains need to darken a room? Are they going to be opened and closed frequently? Are they strictly going to be hung for decorative purposes? Evaluating the function of the curtains will enable you to make a more informed decision about your window curtains.

Just going to the store and choosing the first window curtains that you see matches your room may not end in your complete satisfaction. That is why you need to evaluate your needs and desires so your money will be well spent and your satisfaction level will be high. With a little time spent thinking about the room's function, decorating style, and the window curtain's function, you are more likely to be satisfied with your purchase.