Window Coverings for Bay Windows

Selecting the right window coverings for bay windows can be a fun, but sometimes overwhelming job. It's overwhelming often because you don't know what you want to accomplish, and sometimes because you don't know which options are best for your situation.

Bay windows are one of the most beautiful types of windows that can be found in homes today. Their beauty, however, is often overshadowed by the fact that there are times when they need to be covered for light control or privacy. Finding window coverings for bay windows often leaves a homeowner scratching their head while trying to determine what types of window coverings will work best for their bay window. There are some window coverings that work best for bay windows that can help to take some of the confusion out of the decision.
  • Roman shades. The clean and straight lines of a roman shade may be just the right touch for your bay windows. The key is to treat each window as a separate entity and cover them as if they are just one window. This will cut down on the confusion and make the process even easier for you. Roman shades fold up nicely to allow light in and to allow you to see outside, so that you get the maximum effect from your bay window, but they are also easy to close when you want to block out the light and add privacy. The wide variety of materials and colors are sure to allow you to find the right roman shades for your room and windows.
  • Curtains. Most people do not think of curtains when they are considering window coverings for bay windows, but they can actually be a great choice. The shorter cafe type curtains work best for this application and normally cover the bottom half of the window to still allow you to see out, but also give some light and privacy control. You can pair them with a valance at the top or you can use a cornice or other window topper to add life and beauty to the top of the window. This is a great choice for a bay window that includes a window seat.
  • Drapes. If the room where your bay windows are located is more formal in nature, you can choose to use drapes and sheers in the bay window. This combination screams formalness and can give you the window covering that you need for light control and privacy, as well as enhance the style of your room. This works best for bay windows that do not have a window seat, as the window seat would make them bunch up at the bottom.
  • Sheers. Sheers can be used to help diffuse light into a room and to add just the right touch of romance. Whether you use a sheer curtain or sheer accordion shades, you will find that they can give you the light control and privacy control functions without blocking off the window entirely. This can be a great compromise between bay windows without a window covering and covering them with thicker curtains or drapery.

Window coverings for bay windows do not have to confuse you. By determining what your needs are as far as privacy and light control, you can better determine which window coverings will work best for your needs and your window.