Window Arch Coverings

A window arch can be an elegant and dramatic touch in a room. Arched windows and doors give a different look to a room than traditional squared windows and doors. They deserve a different treatment to keep them standing out and making the statement the architect intended. A window arch covering can be traditional or unusual, it can be fixed or moveable, and it can be custom made or off-the-shelf.

The beautiful arched windows that are in your home may be what first drew you to the home, but now you may be unsure about how to cover these hard to fit windows. Never fear, there are window arch coverings that will work with your arched windows and your room. The choices vary widely from casual to formal, which makes it much simpler to find the look that you desire for these windows as well as the rest of the windows in your home.

Window arch coverings come in several different styles including many kinds of window shades. You can find arched window shades in wood, fabric and other materials simply by visiting your home improvement store or by searching online. These window shades are made to fit the curve of the arch and come in fixed shades that cover the windows all the time or moveable shades that can be raised and lowered to let the natural light in. Determining your needs or desires regarding light control can help you to decide which kind or arched window shade is best for your particular window. Whether you want to be able to control the light coming in or have the light filtered or blocked, you are sure to find the exact arched window shade that you are looking for.

Another window arch covering that you can consider is curtains. Although most people don't think of curtains for their arched windows, with new curved and flexible curtain rods and locking curtain clips it is possible to enhance the look of these arched windows with beautiful fabrics. The wide variety of colors and designs that can be found in fabrics makes this an excellent way to make the arched window even more of a focal point in your room and home. The style and decor of your particular room will have a huge impact on your choice of fabric, but you should have no problem finding a curtain fabric that will help to complete the look of your room.

Some people choose to hang their curtains in a straight line above the arched window to cover them, but this takes away from the personality and uniqueness of the arch. Arched windows should not be hidden behind a curtain, but rather they should be highlighted with unique window coverings that are custom made for their unique shape and appeal.

Arched windows are not hard to decorate around. With all of the new products being developed, you are sure to find the exact way to cover this unique and beautiful window without taking away from its focal appeal. Don't be afraid of playing up the beautiful curves of this window. Most likely, it is one of the things that drew you to that particular home, so play it up and make the windows into the showpiece that they deserve. With a little creativity and research, your arched windows will become an important part of your decorating plan.