Western Window Treatments

Western window treatments are as varied as the people of the west, so taking your style and budget into account will help you create your western look to your window coverings. Consider leather, animal hides, blankets and various patterned fabrics to create the western window treatment that is you all over.

When thinking about how to decorate your home, you inevitably end up making many important decisions. One of the most important you can make -- and one that is frequently overlooked -- is that of window treatments. Most people give their window treatments relatively little thought compared to the other interior design quandaries. The average person usually thinks of a window treatment as a functional item: a simple curtain or blind to block out light and prying eyes, and to create an insulating barrier from heat and cold. There are, however, a huge number of possibilities available when it comes to window treatments, and a properly executed window treatment can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of a room.

One of the more interesting options to consider is that of western window treatments. These can be either custom made, factory ordered, or you can make them yourself. The distinguishing feature of most western window treatments is what is called the swag. While optional in other types of window treatments, it is almost a necessity when considering the western variety. The swag is a wide piece of material hung parallel to the curtain rod. It is anchored to the top of the rod at various intervals and creates a series of half arcs below and going across the curtain rod.

If you want to go for a truly western feel, consider using a large leather swag. These types of swag come in the form of animal hides, usually bought one or two at a time, and every one is unique. You can have the drops go as low as you wish, and it is key to creating a western window treatment. Also, a western window treatment will often be just the swag alone: by dropping the swag a foot or two at each end of the window, a nice, western style frame is created. On the window itself, employ a simple and highly translucent drape that allows a lot of light into the room. This creates a nice frame and western style to the window treatment.

Not all western window treatments must consist of a large leather swag, of course. Another important element is the drape itself. Unlike many other styles of window treatments, the western drape is often brightly colored and contains lively designs and patterns. Keep in mind what looks good with light coming through it and you can easily create a warm, western feel in any room.

Most western treatments are patterned in earthy, dusty colors or bright cheerful colors, those we traditionally associate with the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. They can often be a welcome departure from traditional window treatments. For many people, an ideal window treatment is a single, pale colored (and often translucent piece) of fabric -- white and extremely pale blue being popular choices. The patterns can be those found on Indian blankets, Indian motifs like road runners and fetishes, gingham, and animals like bear, elk, moose, deer, and even fish.

By adding an exciting western window treatment you can instantly transform the dullest of interiors into one that is both vibrant and different, in a way that is uniquely your own. You can have fun creating your own look by just applying your imagination to your window treatment. Have fun with this often overlooked decorating touch, and create your own masterpiece.