Victorian Window Coverings

Victorian window coverings of today are different from those of a the Victorian era in style and purpose. Today's Victorian window coverings tend to be brighter and lighter than of the era.

Window coverings are a wonderful way to enhance the decorating style that you have chosen. Whether your room is eclectic or carefully designed, you will find that you will have quite a bit of flexibility and choice in the window coverings for your room. A Victorian styled room dictates the need for Victorian window coverings to help dress up the windows to make them more a part of the decor. Windows can be a big opportunity for decorating, so be sure that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Victorian window coverings usually include lace. The lacey details that are part of these window coverings may just be a border or hem detail or they can constitute a large area of the coverings themselves. From curtains to shades and more, you can find each of these with the lacey, Victorian details that you will love. The intricate detailing of lace adds beauty and sophistication to your Victorian styled room that will help to enhance your d├ęcor to keep your room beautiful and welcoming.

Roller blinds are quite common in Victorian homes. They were well loved because they were easy to make at home and were inexpensive to make. They also were quite functional, in that they would easily block the light and give their rooms privacy. These roller blinds were often covered in patterns that either covered the entire blind or just a border. The patterns were often very intricate and complicated, which gave the room a rich and beautiful feel. Three types of blinds were very common, including fine linen, oilcloth, or an artist's tracing cloth hat was transparent.

Cloth window shades are another common Victorian window covering. These cloth shades may have pleating that will swag in the middle or they may be more common. Linen is a common material that is used and they come in many colors and designs, from stripes to patterns. They were quite popular, simply because they can offer an outside view that is beautiful and stylish.

Although curtains were not as common during Victorian times, they were found in some homes and are quite a popular option these days. Victorian curtains are quite elaborate. Heavy pleated valances and swags create the look that you are looking for to add beauty and formalness to your windows and your room. Layering of these window coverings, from sheers to drapes to valance, will create the look that you have been looking for. Lace details are quite common as well.

The formal appeal of Victorian window coverings can give your room that special touch that it needs. From blinds to shades to curtains, you can find Victorian window coverings that will meet your functional needs and your aesthetic needs. You can locate them easily on the Internet to add to your windows and your home, as well as some stores. By making your choice carefully, you will make your Victorian styled room into that beautiful and welcoming space that you have been looking for.