Unique Window Treatments

Unique window treatments can be fun and inexpensive to make. And what a great way to recycle! Using unusual materials and items in different or unexpected ways lets you create your own special look. Your window coverings can be functional in several ways and incorporated into a window treatment that finishes the room "just so".

Are you one of the millions of people who enjoy watching home improvement shows? I am. In fact, I love to see what kinds of materials that they are going to use in new and different ways. They can take something that is normally used for one purpose and use it in an entirely new and different way. That is so exciting to me! Unique window treatments are much the same way. It is simply the process of taking something unique and turning it into a custom-designed window treatment that makes your windows look great.

Where do you start when choosing your unique window treatments? The first thing that you can do is to look around the store for things that appeal to you. You are not necessarily looking for window coverings, you are more looking for colors or designs that you enjoy looking at or different textures that you enjoy the feel of. This can include plastic notebook covers or folder covers, flowers, placemats, dishtowels, bath towels, bandanas, and even clothing or clothing parts (like pockets or jean's legs).

Iron pressed flowers between two sheets of waxed paper to create a translucent and decorative window covering. Braid fabric strips together to make a curtain pull-back or tie. Wrap silk garlands around a fancy curtain rod that attached above a window covered by shades or blinds. Hang a stained-glass "picture" in the middle a picture window to give some day-time privacy and wonderful colors reflecting in the room. If you like rainbows, hang crystals from your window frame or curtain rod, or incorporate them with other window treatments. You are only limited by your imagination.

Now that you have a few things that you are interested in, look at them and determine whether you can use them in making your unique window treatments. Can they be sewn together or hooked together in some fashion? Even plastic can be used because you can use many things including metal rings or rivets to secure them together. Think outside of the box and you are sure to find the unique item that will make your windows look great and out of the ordinary.

You can find unique window treatments online, too, where someone else has done the above steps and made window treatments from unique items, too. A simple search on the computer can net you thousands of websites that can custom-make you unique window treatments or can tell you how to create your own. Even if you are not a craftsy person, you can find unique window treatments for the windows in your home with very little trouble. >From unique fabrics to designs, you are sure to find a unique window treatment option for any room, no matter what decor you have currently.

The key is to not be afraid to try something new. People that are imaginative and creative will find that most of the time they are extremely happy with the project that have completed, whether it is unique window treatments or something else. From valances to shades to blinds to full-length curtains, anything that you can think of can be used to create the custom look that you desire for your home and your window. Even if you are not creative, I am sure that you know what you like. Start with that and then go forward.

So get off that couch and turn off the TV. You too can make or find unique window treatments that your friends and family will want for their own homes. You only need to unlock your imagination and let your senses guide your way. Look for things you are visually drawn to and that you enjoy the feel of, and you will be on your way to having unique window treatments for your own home. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?