Unique Curtains

Unique curtains are most often something you craft by combining unusual materials. The fabric, curtain rod, valance and tie backs are just examples of the elements you can combine for something different that is also functional.

Window coverings like curtains do not have to be boring and run of the mill. There are unique curtains you can find or create on your own to make your windows more of a focal point, rather than just a functional way to cover the windows. You have many different options in unique curtains for your home, depending upon your style and your tastes. In no time, you can make your windows into that beautiful addition to your room, rather than just a window to the world outside.

Purchasing unique curtains is not as difficult as it once was. The internet has opened up options as far as finding unique and unusual things for your home or office. From handmade curtains that are carefully embellished with embroidery, beading, or other decorations, to unusual fabrics to select from for custom curtains, you can find anything you can imagine for curtains to fit your home. If you are feeling a little adventurous or crafty, you may want to consider making your own unique curtains.

You are only limited by your imagination when you are creating your own curtains. Go to a craft or fabric store and look around at the different elements and embellishments you see. From bamboo beads to feathers to frilly lace and more, there are so many different options you can use to create your very own unique curtain solution. Curtains don't necessarily have to be constructed using fabric. You can string beads to create a curtain or use other elements to create a curtain effect for the windows. Curtains are traditionally made of fabric, but if you wanted to be traditional, you wouldn't be looking for unique curtains, would you?

You can also use blankets, sheets or shower curtains to make your special unique curtains. And the rod you choose to hang these unusual curtains from add to the personal look you are striving for. Want a western theme? Hang an Indian blanket over a thin tree trunk and tie it back with jute twine or rope. Is an Arabic theme something you want? Find patterned sheets like you want and hang them, using beads and strung coins as fringe or tiebacks. There are so many ways to create unique curtains and window treatments.

If you are on a budget and have very limited crafting ability, you can still create your own unique curtains. Start by choosing a curtain that you like the color of and then embellish it according to your own preferences. You can use fabric glue, hot glue, or even Velcro to connect most embellishments to an existing curtain, so that you have that unique look at a budget friendly and experience friendly level. If embellishments frighten you a bit, then you could choose to use a stencil and fabric paint to create some details on a bland and boring curtain to make it more visually appealing and fun to look at.

Unique curtains can be found ready to hang or you can choose them yourself. Don't let your windows become the victim of being just functional. Give them style, class, and a sense of your personality with curtains that are unique and interesting to look at. It will give your room that extra touch you have been looking for.