Tropical Window Treatments

Tropical window treatments add a sense of fun and brightness to a room. Combine that with other tropical decorating touches and you have a vacation spot at home. Use tropical prints or materials for the window coverings or tropical touches for swags, valances or tie-backs, and create an uplifting sense in the room.

Do you yearn for a taste of the tropics in your home? Does the tropical style of decorating instantly make you feel more relaxed and happy? Then you are in luck. Tropical is "in" right now in decorating and you can find many different kinds of decor with all different colors and combinations that can give you that vacation feeling any time of the year. Don't forget your windows, however, because they can be an important part of any decorating style and can make your room look more fun, too. Tropical window treatments can vary between several different styles, including:

* Curtains
* Blinds
* Creative Window Treatments

Curtains are what most people choose to cover their windows and if you are look for a tropical window treatment, you are sure to find curtains that can help give your room that feeling. From bright floral, fish, or parrot prints to more neutral palm tree or ocean prints, the choices are endless in curtains that will give your room that added touch of fun and whimsy. If you can't find ready-made curtains, you can always try the fabric store to see what they have for your room. Curtains can be made very simply and in many cases, they can be made even if you do not know how to sew. If you are looking for a way to add a touch of brightness and fun to your windows then you will want to choose one of the many curtain choices that are available.

Blinds are another option of the many tropical window treatments that are available. You can find wooden or bamboo blinds in almost any size. They are great for windows, doors, and even closet openings. They are simple to install and easy to open and close depending upon your needs. The look of bamboo blinds will instantly make you feel like you are in a tropical area and will make you feel more relaxed. They are great in a bedroom or a screened-in porch area.

Some creative tropical window treatments include leis, beads, seeds and other embellishments. You can easily make these on your own or you can find them in specialty decorating stores. Beaded curtains are very popular and you could choose wooden beads or bright colored beads to make your room look more vacation-like. Long strings of flowers would also be beautiful in a tropical designed room. Use your imagination and see what other things remind you of a tropical locale and then combine them with a plain curtain or on their own to create a tropical window treatment that you can be proud of.

Tropical window treatments can add that final touch to your room that can make your room instantly be more relaxing and fun to be in. Whether you buy ready-made curtains or blinds, or use your imagination to create a custom tropical window treatment that fits your decorating style and your needs, you will quickly be on your way to making one room in your home feel just like a vacation.