Sun Shades

Sun shades are invaluable for reducing heat infiltration, glare and light. Use them in your office, bedrooms, living room -- heck, any room in the house can benefit from the use of any number of styles of sun shades.

Are you awakened on Saturday and Sunday mornings by sunlight streaming in through your windows? Does your furniture or carpeting seem to be fading in certain spots? If this describes you and your home, then you know the importance of adding sun shades to your windows. By adding one of the many types of sun shades to your window, you will find that you will sleep much more soundly and restfully on those lazy mornings. They are helpful in other rooms, too, because they help keep the temperature more constant and they help keep carpet and furniture from fading as much or as fast due to sun exposure. And they cut the glare on bright days so you can work at your desk without burning your eyes. Sun shades come in several different types and designs so you can find the one that will best meet your needs and functions.

You first need to evaluate the room that you are going to need a sun shade in. What is the purpose of the room in question? Do you need to be able to open and close the sun shades to allow light in or to see out of the window? What size of window do you need to cover? Are you covering a glass sliding door or French doors that you will need access to? All of these things need to be taken into consideration so that you will choose the right sun shades for your particular room and for your needs.

If you are covering a bedroom window, then you will want to determine whether or not you will want to be able to see out of the window or not. This will dictate whether you will want something that is easy to raise and lower or whether that feature even matters. For your bedroom, you may want to choose curtains or drapes to cover your sun shades so that your window coverings will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I first became aware of sun shades at a friend's office. He had a great mountain view from his desk, but for a good portion of the day he had so much glare on his computer screen he couldn't work. A special sun shade was installed so he could have his view and cut the glare. When I put my office in a south-facing room with great mountain views, I knew I'd have the same problem. We installed a sun shade that let us keep our views when the shades were closed yet not have the glare that cloudy, snowy and some bright days caused. We have found they also add a bit more insulation so the office doesn't heat up quite as much in the summer, and on winter nights the shades help keep a bit more heat in the room.

For sliding glass or French doors that let in a lot of sun, there are several different options. You can get a darkening film that you can place on the window part of your doors (be careful with this approach if you have double or triple pane windows) or you can choose shades, blinds, curtains, or drapes to do the same thing. This is entirely up to your personal preferences, but you need to keep in mind how often you use this particular door to make sure that you make the choice that will satisfy you.

Sun shades come in a big variety of colors and materials. They also come with some very helpful features, like a remote control to raise and lower them mechanically and even sliding panels to help keep the light and warmth out of the room that you are in. From acrylic to vinyl and fiberglass to fabric, whichever material that you enjoy the look of is most likely available in sun shades for you to use in your home or room.

You can find sun shades at your local home improvement store, department store, or online. All you need to do is evaluate your needs so that you can find the right sun shades for your home.