Stained Glass Window Coverings

Stained glass window coverings are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to change your decorating scheme. Dress your window for a specific holiday or season, or match your decor. You get a bit of privacy, color is added, and that special touch your friends likely don't have. Combine curtains or sheers with your stained glass window covering for a complete window treatment.

Windows offer you a wonderfully creative canvas for enhancing and increasing the beauty and decor of a room. Most people put some sort of window covering up, but they do not put much thought into how it works with your decor and design style. One window covering that is not considered quite as often is stained glass window coverings. With the many different designs and colors, you may find that this window covering can give your window style without being overpowering to your room or decor.

Stained glass window coverings come in a window cling form that fits tightly to the windows themselves. The cling properties of a stained glass window covering make it easy to install without any tools. All you need is a clean window and damp washcloth to make them fit correctly on your window to give it style and appeal.

These window coverings can turn your window from a simple way to look out on the world to a beautiful focal statement. If you can imagine the beautiful stained glass that is found in churches and other buildings, you can see how much color and flair that adding these window coverings can add to your home.

From flowers to lines to abstract, you will be able to find stained glass window coverings that fit the style of your home and your room. Whole scenes can be added to your windows with stained glass window coverings and even contemporary homes can be made even more beautiful with the addition of a stained glass window covering. You can make a big impact upon your room and your windows with this window treatment.

What are some of the benefits of stained glass window coverings over other types of window coverings? They are easy to install. You don't have to screw nails into the wall or use any power tools – all you need to do is clean your window and put the window coverings on your window. Another benefit is how easy it is to remove these window coverings if the need should arise. Want to show off your Christmas tree? Take the stained glass window coverings down and allow your Christmas tree to be seen in all it's radiant glory.

There are some cons to this type of window covering, too. Depending upon the style that you choose, you may find that they do not afford you the privacy that you may be wanting or the light control. This is something to consider, especially in rooms like the bedroom and bathroom.

Stained glass window coverings will add a touch of style to your windows that you may not be able to attain with other window coverings. This can give your windows a new look and appeal that will rub off on the rest of your room and your home.