Skylight Shades

Skylight shades reduce some of the negatives skylights have -- heat and light. Too much light can be a problem as can heat gain and loss. A skylight shade will let you control how much of either element enters your room.

Skylights make a beautiful addition to any room because of the light the let in. The added natural light they give to a room is unparalleled in any manmade lighting. This added light sometimes causes a little irritation that needs to be dealt with, however. By using skylight shades, you can enjoy the natural light when you want it and you can block the light out when you do not want it. What is available in skylight shades for your homes?

Skylight shades make your skylight more functionally appealing, because you have the option of closing or opening them when you want. They help to block out direct sunlight that may be fading your furniture, flooring, or other items in your room. Skylight shades also keep the heat in during the winter, helping lower your heating bills. If you want to make your skylight more user-friendly, consider adding some skylight shades to these open areas.

Skylight shades are specially made to be a lightweight way to cover this area. They normally come with a remote control system that allows you to easily close and open the shades. You can open them all the way or open them a little, depending upon your needs. They come in several different materials, so that they can meet your particular needs.

If you want to diffuse the light, rather than block it entirely, you can purchase translucent white shades. These shades will allow much of the light in without the direct UV rays that can fade and damage your furnishings. What a great choice for rooms like living or family rooms, or even bedrooms.

Skylight shades help give skylights added flexibility to allow them to be used in any room of the home. Many people shy away from having a skylight in their bathroom or bedroom, due to the privacy issues, but skylight shades can help give you that extra feeling of privacy that you want.

There is quite a bit of variety in skylight shades to allow you to find the right ones for your particular skylight and the decor of your room. Choices include pleated fabric shades, Venetian blinds and cellular shades, or even skylight awnings. With that many choices you are sure to find the type of skylight shade or covering that best fits your personal preferences. Different colors and finishes are available to help make the shades a part of the decor of the room, so they'll enhance and mesh with the rest of the room, rather than detract from it.

If you have a home with skylights, consider skylight shades for them. They give added function and flexibility to the skylights to make them more user-friendly for your particular lifestyle and home. Skylight shades can give you a beautiful and functional way to make these open areas safer for your furnishings and more flexible for your use.