Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are beautiful and add a subtle elegance to your decor. Silk has many different styles, so you have numerous choices on the look you create. Raw silk, shantung, crepe, charmeuse, douppioni, jacquard, noil and tussah are some of your choices, each with their own look, feel and benefits. Whether you go with a brightly colored silk or a natural creamy-tan, you have beautiful choices for creating the special window covering treatment you want.

Silk curtains are not only for upscale homes or for unused rooms anymore. If you have a room that demands the elegance of silk curtains, but you have been afraid to get them because of children or pets, then you are in luck. Silk curtains have come a long way in terms of ease of care in the last few years. This brings a huge sigh of relief to many homeowners who like the elegant look of silk in their windows.

Where can you find silk curtains? Silk curtains can be found in most home improvement stores, department stores, and even some of the discount stores. The thing to remember, however, is that not all silk curtains can be machine washed and dried, so you need to be sure that you check the care instructions before purchasing. Silk curtains can also be found online in many different price ranges, but again, you need to be sure that the care instructions are something that you can live with. Children, pets, and dry-clean-only curtains do not mix very well, unless you don't mind paying to have your curtains cleaned frequently.

It is important that you choose lined silk curtains because they can be damaged by the sun and are prone to fading. Putting silk curtains in direct sunlight will guarantee that you will have to replace them quickly, probably within six months or so. It's best to choose silk curtains that are lined with cotton to help keep their color true and fabric fibers strong.

The beauty of silk curtains is unmatched. They make a room look more elegant and rich just by simply hanging them in your windows. Taking care of them properly will enable them to last longer looking as beautiful as the day you took them from the package. Here are a few hints to care for them:

  • Even though they say machine-washable, to keep them at their best, consider hand-washing them in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. The delicate cycle on your washing machine may be fine too, but if you are still unsure, err on the side of caution and hand-wash your silk curtains.

  • Handle the curtains gently while washing. Gently squeeze the suds through the curtains instead of twisting and turning the curtains for best results.

  • Rinse thoroughly. Soap residue will make the fabric gray, and probably damage the silk fibers.

  • Hang the curtains to dry away from a heat source.

  • When the curtains are almost dry, but still have some moisture, iron them with an iron set for silk. Dry curtains that are misted with water and ironed are more likely to show watermarks, than curtains that are uniformly damp from washing and then ironed.

  • Now you are armed with the knowledge to choose the right silk curtains for your lifestyle and your home. By reading packages and paying attention to details like care instructions, you are sure to find you the silk curtains that will look good in your home and that you can take care of. What more could you want?