Silhouette Shades

Silhouette shades let you diffuse light while giving you views out, darken a room, or let the sun and fresh air in. These shades are a beautiful window covering and fairly new to the market place, in the big scheme of things. If you want to soften the look just a bit, add curtains puddling on the floor, and you have yet a different look. Silhouette shades are worth looking at because of the features they combine in one great window covering.

If you like the look of shades, but don't like the way some kinds of shades completely block all of the light from your room, you will want to take a look at Silhouette shades. These beautiful shades are made of sheer material with a fabric horizontal blade between two layers of beautiful, sheer fabric. They come in two different slat sizes to offer the consumer the maximum flexibility of light control available. They are a perfect combination between curtain sheers and blinds. Their benefits are numerous.

One of the great benefits of these beautiful shades is that even when they are closed, they still allow light through without giving up any of your privacy. This is an ideal shade for bedrooms or bathrooms, where you need maximum privacy, but you may not want to give up the natural light that comes into the windows. When closed, they become opaque for maximum privacy, but when the shades are opened, you can clearly see out of the shades due to the sheerness of the material, but it still offers some privacy for you. When opened, they still block 68% of the UV light that comes through the window, which is great for your furniture and for you. They can be raised easily and completely into the three inch head rail for maximum visibility if desired, too.

The beauty and subtleness of the Silhouette shades makes them ideal for any decorating style and for any room in your home. They come in several different decorator colors and fabrics, as well as different sizes so that you can find the ones that will fit your room and d├ęcor exactly, from casual to formal. Since they are custom made, they are also available in different shapes for those hard-to-fit windows that many homes have. The hardware is all color coordinated with the Silhouette shades to make them fade into the background and beauty of your window.

Silhouette shades are also available with a manual mechanism that consists of one cord that allows the homeowner to open and close the shades easily, quietly, and smoothly, as well as a motorized mechanism. This choice allows the homeowner to determine which meets their needs best. Both models have high-quality precision hardware, which makes these shades easy and quiet to use.

The beauty of Silhouette shades comes from the softly diffused light that gently filters through the two layers of sheer fabric. When opened, they flood a room with a warm and welcoming light that is unparalleled by any other shade or blind. When closed, they still offer some light control, but give maximum privacy for those areas of your home where privacy is an issue. This is why many homeowners spend a little more on these beautiful and versatile shades.