Silhouette Blinds Explained

Silhouette blinds allow your window treatment to be flexible in giving you the privacy, light control, and the temperature control you desire. The different looks available in Silhouettes can be mixed and matched with other window coverings to give you a formal or informal look, something bright or muted, or create a theme to fit each room in your house. Silhouette blinds may be just the touch you need to create your perfect look.

If you want to keep a room private, but would like a window covering option that allows natural light in as well, you will want to consider Silhouette blinds. Silhouette blinds offer the best of both worlds in privacy and light control. The sheerness of the fabric allows the natural light in, but the slats inside the fabric help to offer you privacy as well. Though a brand name, Silhouette has become a generic term with frequent usage.

Silhouette blinds come in several colors and a variety of sheer fabric to allow you to find the blinds that will look best in your room and home. Decorating with Silhouette blinds will be comparatively simple due to their neutral colors and sheerness.

The vanes that are inside the sheer fabric allow you to determine what degree of light control or privacy that you desire for the room. If it is a bedroom or bathroom, you will want the maximum control for privacy, but you may also want the ability to control the amount of natural light that can come in through the blinds. The great thing about these blinds is that, even when they are closed, they still allow natural light to filter through. When they are opened they allow more light, but also offer some degree of privacy.

There are many different options available in the construction of Silhouette blinds too. These options include a motorized version that allows you to use a remote control to raise and lower the blinds and there are other mechanism choices as well in regards to the cord. There is an option that helps you to open them where they go down into the bottom rail rather than the head rail. Determine what your needs are to decide which options will be best for your needs and lifestyle.

Silhouette blinds come in two different vane sizes to allow you to find the exact privacy control that you need. They come in two- and three-inch thicknesses for you to choose from. Think about the use of the room to help you determine which thickness of vanes is right for your needs and your room.

Silhouette blinds are also a great choice for French doors or sliding glass doors. They are great because you can see through them so that you can see who is at the door, but they also offer you privacy.

Custom made Silhouette blinds are great for those hard to fit windows like arched windows, hexagonal windows, or other oddly shaped or sized windows. This is a great use for these blinds, because they filter the light but still allow the light in to keep the room bright and inviting.

Silhouette blinds will meet your needs in light control, privacy, and beauty. With just a little research and decision making, you will be on your way to having a beautiful window covering that can meet many functions as well as look beautiful to make your room more inviting and welcoming.