Sheer Roman Shades

Sheer Roman shades give you more flexibility than most shades do because you can modify the amount of light that filters in as well as the amount of privacy you have. Add a window scarf or curtain to complete your window treatment. These are great window coverings to consider for home or office.

What do you do when you want to brighten up a dull and dark room? You put up some exciting new window treatments! The right window treatment can add a stylish elegance to a room while letting in just enough soft, filtered light to make the room cheery but still private. Of all the window treatments you can use to achieve this effect, sheer Roman shades are among the best.

A sheer Roman shade consists of 2 panels of sheer material, braced between with clear horizontal plastic ribs spaced about every eight inches up the material's length. Cords run through rings in the back of these ribs and are secured to the bottom rib. When the cords are pulled through their clutch pulley mechanisms, the shade folds up into neatly with the ribs. Roman shades provide complete control over the amount of light that comes into a room; blessed privacy when the shades are lowered; and a sleek, elegant looking windows treatment.

Sheer Roman shades can be found in many online stores. Typically, they come in fixed sizes though customizable widths and lengths are available. When measuring for sheer Roman shades, it is important to use a steel tape measure to avoid errors due to stretching of the tape. Your measurement should be within one-eighth of an inch of the actual inside dimensions of the window opening if you're wanting sheer Roman shades that fit inside the window opening. The factory will make allowances for the brackets and other necessary hardware. If you are measuring for an outside sheer Roman shade that will fit over the window opening, measure one to two inches wider than the actual opening.

It is possible to make your own sheer Roman shades. Measure you material and cut it to size. You will need to buy some "loop tape", available at among other places. The loop tape is very sheer itself; when sewn across the back of a sheer Roman shade, it is as nearly invisible as possible. The loops in the loop tape are what you pass the cords through.

Sheer Roman shades do not have to be very expensive, so you may want to buy them instead of sewing your own. Sierra Trading Post has some nice sheer Roman shades with scalloped bottom edges; they offer a 38 inch wide by 72 inch long sheer Roman shade that is currently just $19.95.

On the other end of the spectrum, has Roman shades that start at $201. These Roman shades come in six designer styles and can be fashioned from any of several hundred different materials.

The light and airy look of sheer Roman shades make them appealing for nurseries and children's rooms. Sheer Roman shades can, and should, be purchased with lightweight breakaway cord pulls to protect small children against strangulation. There are also cord condensers, which gather multiple dangerous cords together near the top of a sheer Roman shade inside of a little plastic ball. Only one cord trails from the ball down to the floor where kids might get hold of it.

Sheer Roman shades are among the most popular window treatments available. Be sure to consider them for an idea in your next decorating adventure.