Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains used to be just a functional element to window treatments. Today they are that and more. They create rooms, private spaces, and depth and diversity to window treatments you are creating. You can get plain fabric sheers or some with patters woven right into the fabric.

Windows offer you a view to the world outside, but they can be a tool for your decorating style, too. Homeowners sometimes do not consider their windows as part of their decorating, but this kind of thought can cause you to miss out on the advantages that good curtains can give the feel of your room. Sheer curtains are a great way to enhance your windows and enhance your view to help make the most of your windows and the view outside of your home.

Sheer curtains come in a great deal of colors to help you coordinate them with the rest of your decor. From neutral creams and whites to reds and blacks, you can find sheer curtains in almost any color that you desire. Another great thing to consider is that some sheer curtains even have a design on them. You can find sheer curtains with leaves, curlicues, and other designs to help draw interest to both your windows and your view.

The great thing about sheer curtains is that they can be used alone or with a heavier curtain. By using them with a heavier curtain, you have the option of opening and closing the heavier curtain for privacy and for light control. This can also help you with temperature control by keeping the warmth in your home during the winter and keeping the warmth out of your home during the summer. You will be surprised by how much a heavy curtain combined with a sheer curtain can help keep the temperature of your room constant.

Sheer curtains can frame the view to the outside of your home, too. If your window faces your pool or a garden area, then you will definitely want the opportunity to frame this beautiful view so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of the inside of your home. You will be surprised by how inviting you can make your room feel by being able to see the beautiful view outside.

Sheer curtains can also make a room feel larger. Due to the fact that they allow light to come in and the view outside to be seen, you will feel that your room is larger by using these curtains. Space is valued in most homes and by using sheer curtains in the rooms that are greatly used, you will help them to feel larger because you are opening up the outside and you are allowing natural light in.

The entire window doesn't have to be covered by the sheer curtains. You can choose half curtains so that the window will be open on the top or you can choose to just frame the window with sheer curtains hanging just at the side of the window opening. Sheer curtains are very functional in many different ways so that you can have the exact look that you want for your room.

My grandparents used sheers to keep UV light off their artwork and antiques. Today I see sheer curtains used that way still, but I see even more approaches to using them. For example, I've seen outdoor rooms created by hanging sheers around a patio space, giving it a bit more privacy and temperature control. What about using sheers as room dividers? They aren't just for window coverings any more.

The great thing about sheer curtains is that they are both easy to find and relatively inexpensive. They are easy to install and clean, too. This makes sheer curtains a great find for just about any room and home.