When you are looking for a versatile window covering, consider shades. They are more diverse in their styling than you think. You can select from cellular shades and silhouette shades, Roman shades or pleated shades, or even basic roller shades. Additionally, these window coverings mix and match with other window treatments to give you just the look and usability you want.

Shades. They can make a huge impact on the feel and decor of your room. Your choice in shades can make your windows become a focal point of the room or they can help bring your entire decorating scheme together. Before you decide which kind of shades that you need for your room, you need to determine what you want the shades to accomplish and do for the room in question.

Do they need to be able to darken the room? Shades come in different light control varieties to help make them versatile for any kind of room. If you sleep during the day due to work, then you will want to have shades that work to keep most of the light from the room during the day. In addition to buying a room-darkening shade, consider a track so that light doesn't "sneak" in around the edges of the window shade. Or, you could combine the room darkening shade with a swagged curtain that covers the edges of the window and shade, giving you not only room darkening, but also makes a fashion statement in your window treatment.

If you don't need light blocking shades then you can look at light filtering shades are even transparent shades. Transparent shades are even available that you can see through, but they help to block UV rays, which can damage your furniture and your skin. Determine how much light you want in your room and you are sure to find a shade that meets that determination.

Do you need the shades for privacy purposes? If the shades are for a bedroom or bathroom, you may need the shades more for privacy than light control. There are several options of shades that are available that work to keep your room private, but also allow light to come through to help keep the room bright and inviting.

What function are the shades going to serve? Are you going to want to open and close them frequently? Do you have children? What room are the shades going into? All of these things need to be considered before choosing your shades. If you are going to open and close them frequently, then you will want to find a shade that has a smooth and easy mechanism to make them simpler to use. If you have children, you will want shades with a breakaway cord, safety cord option, or a remote control option to ensure that the cords are not a danger to your children. The room style will dictate the color and material of shades that you want for your room.

Shades come in many different types, materials, and sizes. A few different types of shades include Roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, and pleated shades. These can come in different fabrics and natural materials such as wood and bamboo. Sizes vary also to fit the smallest window to the largest one. Custom made shades are even available to fit weird shaped windows that were previously overlooked for shade use.

Before you begin your shopping for shades, you need to answer each one of the above questions. Research the many different kinds of shades so that you can find the shades that will meet both your needs and the aesthetic design of the room. Meshing those two considerations will help you to be satisfied with your choice in shades for many years.