Roman Shades Blinds

Roman shades blinds give you privacy, climate control and style, all in one window covering.

Roman shades blinds are some of the most popular styles of window treatment. Their clean, crisp lines add a bold, sleek look to any room. Roman shades blinds can be hung inside of a window opening to leave room for valances and other window treatments, or outside to completely cover a window opening and provide maximum darkness or privacy.

The material you choose determines how much darkness and privacy you get from roman shades blinds. Opaque woven or vinyl material shuts out almost all light and prevents outsiders from seeing into a room when the shade is fully drawn. But many people just want privacy, and for them a sheer, lacey or open-weave fabric may do the trick.

Fabric also determines much of the look of your roman shades blinds. Dark colors give a room a smaller, cozy look. Bright or pastel colors add cheer and space. Stripes are a strong statement. Festive or pastoral patterns also look good on roman shades blinds, especially in a kitchen area.

Roman shades blinds are easy to find online. The important thing is to measure your window opening correctly. If you plan an inside shade, then measure from one inside surface to the other, to within one-eighth of an inch. Do not allow for mounting hardware; the vendor will do that for you. When measuring for an outside shade, measure the exact width of the opening you want to cover.

Many home seamstresses try their hand at making Roman shades blinds. Instructions are available free of charge at That site also sells an ebook with step-by-step instructions for making 12 kinds of Roman shades blinds. There is a do-it-yourself supply shop for making Roman shades blinds at The site has an easy to use, menu-driven form for specifying the kind of shade you want and its size. It then tells you how much material you need, including cord lengths, ribs, lifting mechanisms, cord pulls, and mounting hardware. You can buy a complete kit in just one stop! The software even creates a downloadable pattern of your custom-designed Roman shades blinds that you can print at home.

An old set of mini-blinds can become a lovely new set of Roman shades blinds. Just cut off the slats from the mini-blinds except for the top one and those about every eight inches down. Hem you fabric and liner to the width and length of the mini-blind. Use the same fabric to make “tape” that can be looped around the slats and sewn to the fabric-liner body. Presto! You have a complete Roman shades blinds set, with drawstring and clutch mechanism already built in.

Sheer Roman shades blinds are some of the prettiest window treatments. The light, airy look of the sheer shade is perfectly offset by a darker valance or swag. Sheer Roman shades blinds are widely available, starting as low as $20 online. Of course, you can also go over $200 in the quest for that perfect Roman shades blinds. The choice is up to you.