Roman Shades

Roman shades have long been a beautiful approach to window coverings. They can be as formal or informal as you want, and combined with other window treatments can give you a very personal touch. These kinds of shades can be room-darkening, privacy-creating, or temperature preserving. They are versatile and good looking, and worth considering for your decorating project.

Do you need a beautiful and elegant way to cover your windows? Roman shades are ideal for rooms that need that added little touch to make your windows "pop". The beautiful flowing pleats give any room that little touch of elegance and class that people love.

Roman shades are made of beautiful, woven fabric that is available in myriad colors and styles. These beautiful shades have pleats that are usually between four and six inches and come in two basic styles to help them mesh with more decorating styles, including contemporary and formal. The two basic styles that Roman shades come in are the flat, contemporary style and the classic teardrop style. The flat, contemporary Roman shades have simple lines and when they are pulled up, they moved into straight lines for that contemporary look. The classic teardrop Roman shades have a more loosely formed loop when they are pulled up. This is what gives them their elegance and beauty.

The wide variety of fabrics that are available is what leads many consumers to Roman shades. They can help make a window a focal point in your decorating or they can fade into the decorating scheme to help make the room cohesive. Depending upon your desires, you will be able to find exactly the right fabric and colors to help make your room into the showplace that you want it to be.

It is important to get the right size of Roman shades for the shades to look right in your home. You first need to determine how you want to mount the shades. Do you want to mount the shades outside of your window either on the window trim or on the wall? If so, then you need to determine how much you want the shades to overlap the window trim and/or wall. Do you want to mount the shades inside the window frame? You need to determine whether you want the operating mechanism to be flush to the window frame of if it can protrude somewhat. All of these considerations need to be decided prior to ordering your Roman shades so that you will not be disappointed when you receive the shades. Once you have made your mounting decisions, you can begin measuring as the manufacturer directs.

When choosing your Roman shades, you will want to look at a few different things to make sure you are getting the highest quality shades for your budget. The first thing is to look at the quality of the fabric. Some of the fabrics come with an anti-static finish and help repel dust. This is great, especially for fabric shades because it helps to keep them cleaner. Is the fabric fully attached to the shade with no raveling or loosening? This will help you determine the quality also. Raise the shades up and down. Do they move smoothly and easily? This is important, especially if you will be raising and lowering them daily. With just a little testing and observance, you will be able to find Roman shades that will last for years and years with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Roman shades are an excellent way to add color and texture to any windows in your home. The versatility of being able to raise and lower them as needed makes them a great choice as well. If you are looking for a way to add elegance and beauty to your windows, then Roman shades are something to consider.