Roller Shade Kit

If your window treatment needs more elements than you presently have, maybe a roller shade is the ticket. You can make your own using a roller shade kit, if you don't want to buy it. Roller shades have been a part of window covering approaches for a long time. They still play an important roll because they help with privacy, climate control and room darkening.

Buying a roller shade is pretty easy. You take your measurements to a store or Web site and someone else does the rest. But you pay for that service, and the work of making your own custom sized roller shade is not that great when you work from a roller shade kit.

One beauty of roller shade kits is that they require no sewing. The materials include fusible adhesive fabric tape. All you need is scissors and a steam iron. The Fuse-A-Shade roller shade kit is a very popular item; it is often out of stock on Web sites. Using this kit, you can turn any fabric of your choice into an exciting roller shade. Here are the instructions for making a shade from A Fuse-A-Shade roller shade kit:

  1. Add 10" to the measured length of the window. Cut the fabric to this length.

  2. The tube that comes with the Fuse-A-Shade kit needs to be 1-1/4" smaller than the width of the window. The kit includes complete measuring and installation instructions.

  3. Cut the fusible backing included in the kit to the width of the tube and the length of the fabric. Trim the fabric so that it is 2" wider than the backing.

  4. Place the rough side of the backing against the wrong side of the fabric. Press the two together with a steam iron. Don't move the iron back and forth. Place it on the fabric, lift it, and place in on another area of the fabric.

  5. Fold the sides of the fabric over the backing, and iron. Fold the bottom up 2". Iron, but leave a pocket for the pull rod.

  6. Insert the pull rod in the bottom hem. The rod is scored so that it can be broken to fit.

  7. Start in the center, and use a staple gun to attach the top of the shade to the roller.

  8. Attach the hardware to the roller, and mount the shade over the window.

  9. Simple, isn't it? The whole process of making a roller shade should not take a full hour using this roller shade kit. It's good for roller shades up to 41" wide.

    The June Taylor No-Sew Roller Shade Kit is similar to the Fuse-A-Shade, but it makes shades only 26-1/2" to 36" wide. It is available at fabric and sewing stores such as Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, The Fabric Place, and online at has a roller shade kit that features a clutch pull mechanism. No more tugging on a spring loaded axle hoping to make it catch. Instead, you get a continuous chain of metal beads that engage a clutch mechanism to raise and lower your roller shade.

    A roller shade kit can be a way to save a little money versus a custom-made store-bought shade. It can also be a way to use just the fabric you want in your decorating scheme. Finally, making a roller shade from a roller shade kit is an easy, fun project for parents and children.