Pleated Window Shades

Pleated window shades are wonderful additions to many window treatments, or alone. They provide privacy, light management, and temperature control. Design them for a special look or select from a wide range of options to get the style you want for a price that fits your budget.

Changing the look of your room could be as simple as changing the window coverings. Most people don't put much thought into how their window covering choice enhances or detracts from the rest of their room, but it can make quite a big impact. There is lots of variety in window coverings, including pleated window shades, that you can choose from. By finding the right window covering, you can update your room and make it look new and fresh. Why should you consider pleated window shades in your search?

Pleated window shades are a great option for windows because they are easy to raise and lower, which gives you added flexibility. If you want privacy, they can be lowered. If you want to see the view outside, you can raise them. This added function is great for most windows in your home. And you can have window shades that rise and lower at the same time, covering the center of your window if you like. Window shades come in both manual and motorized raising options, too. This will help you find the right choice for you and your windows and home. They also add a bit of temperature control, keeping heat on the "right" side of the window.

Customize pleated window shades to fit your exact room. The choices of fabrics and materials are numerous to allow you to find the right ones for your particular room. They are normally found in fabric and paper varieties that can update any room in your home. A customized pleated window shade will allow you to choose the color and pattern that fits best in your decor.

Ready-made pleated window shades are also available. They normally are available in more neutral tones to allow them to go with a wide variety of decor. You can find them at your local home improvement store or window covering store at a very budget-friendly price, too.

If you can't find the right pleated window shade for your style or decor, you can always make one on your own. There are many different websites that offer step-by-step directions for creating beautiful pleated window shades. This way you get to choose the fabric that will fit your room's style best from the fabric store and you can save money over purchasing customized shades. If you are craftsy, this is definitely an option for you.

Pleated window shades are known for fitting just about any size of window. They are very neat looking when pulled up, because all of the pleats neatly line up at the top or bottom of the window. They work great also on sliding glass doors and French doors. They mesh well with any size of room and any decor, which is an excellent benefit.

Pleated window shades are a great way to update your room and add function to your windows. From adding color to adding texture, pleated window shades can make your windows enhance your room, rather than detract from it. If you feel that your room needs an update, but you don't want to go through the time and expense of completely redoing it, then consider changing your window coverings. They will add a fresh look and feel to your room that you will love.