Pleated Shades

Pleated shades, also known as cellular and honeycomb shades, make good window coverings for just about any window you have. High triangular windows, French doors, and even portal-style windows all benefit from this window treatment. Choose manual or automated control for opening or closing them to suit your style and the window's location (a high window is a great location for automated shades). And one of the best developments in the pleated-shade industry is the shade that can open up and down, letting you select it's exact location for blocking the sun, providing privacy, and aiding ventilation. Select from the myriad fabrics and you have your custom look.

Are you looking for a beautiful way to cover your windows that is versatile, too? Pleated shades may be a great idea for your windows. They are available in myriad colors, designs, sizes, and shapes for you to make your window a cohesive part of your decorating style. Shades are also versatile, in that they can be opened, closed, and even pulled out of the way if you want to see out of your window.

Pleated shades can be found to go with any decorating style. The wide variety of fabrics and materials available for pleated shades is one great benefit of using them as a basis for your window treatment. From woven, natural looking fabrics to the more formal silks and satins, whatever your tastes are, you are sure to find window shades to satisfy them. There are also thousands of colors and patterns that are available in pleated shades. Only your imagination limits your creating the perfect window shades for your room.

Pleated window shades come in several different styles. The first style is the basic pleated shade that consists of only one layer. There are also pleated shades that come in single, double, and triple cells or layers. This particular kind of shade is known as a honeycomb or cellular shade. These shades help insulate the window as well as give you some privacy and light control.

With pleated shades, the pleats stack nicely when the blinds are pulled up or down, and usually disappear into the head rail when opened. This is a great benefit if you want or need to look your window. Curtains and valances also help hide pleated shades when raised completely.

Pleated shades can be custom made with different backings, letting you work with your fabric choices. You can customize not only the look and feel, but also the amount of light you want, as well as dictate the privacy level they need.

Unless you decide to spend the extra money on motorized shades, you will most likely have pleated shades with cords. If you have children, it is very important to take safety precautions with these cords. Safety steps include a break-through loop where the loop breaks open when pulled against to prevent strangulation and tie-down devices to tie the excess cording up out of the way of children. Blinds should not be installed within reach of a child's crib or bed. If your child has a window that can reached from their bed, choose a different window covering, unless you plan to take precautions.

Pleated shades are a great option for any room in your home. With the variety of fabrics, styles, and sizes today, you are sure to find the exact look that you are searching for in pleated shades. Consider the decorating style you have in your room to help make all of the choices of pleated shades seem less overwhelming. With a little forethought and planning, you will find the pleated shades that will complete the look of your room and your windows.