Patio Door Window Treatments

Patio door window treatments are fairly simple, but you do have to consider their operation and your needs to make sure you don't turn them from a joy to a hassle. I hate traditional shades or blinds on patio doors because they have to be completely raised before you can comfortably walk through the opening. I'm not wild about curtains at patio doors because they can interfere with the doors use by billowing in the wind or as people walk by. But, there are lots of ways to approach your patio doors to cover them in a way that works for you.

For most people, patio doors make up a frame that surrounds the picture that your backyard makes. Patio door window treatments can sometimes be quite confusing because the homeowner is unsure of exactly what they want and what will work for their patio doors. Another thing that confuses homeowners is that there are many different styles of patio doors, as well as the varying needs you may have, make it hard to determine how to cover them. The thing you need to keep in mind, however, is that they all serve the same purpose -- to lead to the outdoors, so you need to take that into consideration when choosing your patio door window treatments.

Being able to get to the outdoors without fighting your way through lots of fabric or other material is important. You want easy access to outdoors, without tripping on or ripping through the window coverings, don't you? That's why you want to keep this foremost in your mind when you are looking at different patio door window treatments. You also need to evaluate other needs as well, including privacy and light control, to help make sure that your patio door window treatments choice is the best one for you and your home.

What are your choices in patio door window treatments? You have numerous options to consider for covering your patio doors. Ideas include curtains, shutters, blinds, shades, and sheers, and even just a simple valance or scarf. Your needs and desires guide your choice for the treatment that is right for your particular area and your family. Consider the decor of the room as you think about patio door window treatments so you enhance the door and the view, as well as attain the desired temperature and light control as well as privacy. By merging all of these considerations, you will be able to find the patio door window treatments that you will be satisfied and happy with.

If you want curtains, make sure the fabric doesn't overhang the operating side of the door. People using the door could get caught up in the fabric, either hurting themselves or damaging the curtains. Curtains soften the look of patio doors so they may be a good option for you. Sheers give you a softer look without cutting your view completely. This is an especially good treatment if you mainly want to have privacy during the day from people outside and from UV light that can fade your furnishings and artwork.

Shutters give more of a plantation or old-world feel to a room, and can also be effective window treatment giving you great looks, privacy, and temperature and light control. Similarly, blinds and shades can be good. I've had both vertical blinds and horizontal shades on my patio doors and have liked both. But for temperature control, I prefer the horizontal honeycomb shades.

If you do not want to frame the patio doors, then you can choose to use a valance, with or without window scarves. This is wonderful if you do not have to worry about your privacy or if you do not want or need to control the light that comes in that door. There are a large variety of valances in different styles and colors that you can choose for your patio door, from the very simple to the more decorative. It is entirely up to you and your decorating style.

Mixing and matching these various window covering ideas can let you create just the right window treatment for your home, budget and needs. Patio door window treatments can help to make your patio doors more of a focal point, or help it "disappear". You want the window treatments to enhance your view and not take away from the view. Patio door window treatments can be simple or elaborate, just like your home decor.