Patio Door Curtains

Patio door curtains make the combined window and door more useful still. You can control privacy, climate and light infiltration with the addition of curtains. You want to make sure you have thought of all needs to help you decide which approach to take for your window coverings. And as far as decor, will these curtains be merely a window covering or part of window treatments that fit your home or room style?

Patio doors offer a functional way to get outside of the house and onto the patio to entertain, cook dinner, play with the kids, and more. There are times, however, when you need a functional way to cover this door to help make it more a part of the decor of a room or to add function to it. This is why many homeowners turn to patio door curtains to help make the door more flexible and functional by adding a way to control the light or add privacy. There are many different options for patio door curtains to help you make the most of this doorway to the outside of your home. What do you need to do to find the right patio door curtains for your door?


This is the first thing that you must do to begin your search for patio door curtains. Carefully measure the height and width of your patio door to begin. The measurements need to include the area where you are going to be hanging the curtains -- an outside mount is idea for patio door curtains, so that they won't hinder the door operations. By determining where the curtains will hang, you can better determine what size of patio door curtains that you need and want.


The choice of fabric is entirely a personal one that will be based on your own personal preferences and the decor of your room. If you want to allow some light in through the patio door curtains, you want to be sure that the curtain fabric that you choose is light and somewhat translucent. If you want privacy and/or light control you want a fabric that allows for these options. Climate control is another reason for buying and hanging patio door curtains, and that's going to require heavier fabric, and even insolation. Your reasons for installing the patio door curtains will somewhat dictate the fabric that you choose, simply because it is serving a function. It's important to include the decorating style of your room in your decision, too, however, so that it will mesh well with your room.


Installation of your patio door curtains can be done with specially made patio door curtain rods or with simple Velcro. Whichever method that you choose to hang your patio door curtains, make sure that they are firmly affixed to the door, so that they will not hinder the opening or closing of the door. This can help increase your satisfaction with the patio door curtains and can give your patio door a more cohesive look that meshes well with the decor of your room

Your patio doors can be a functional and beautiful way to get to the outdoors. By using the patio door curtains to add light control and privacy to your patio doors you may find that you are enjoying the doors even more. This can give you a great feeling of pride and accomplishment in a job well done.