Painting Your Fabric Window Coverings

Fabric shades are just one of many ways to use fabric in your window coverings. There is the obvious curtain where you can mix and match color, texture and pattern to create your special look, but there are so many other ways to use fabric it's exciting. But for the artistic home decorator, consider getting muslin, or another plain fabric, and paint it to get exactly what you want.

Fabric covers all kinds of window covering applications, including curtains, fabric-covered blinds (horizontal and vertical), roman shades, valances, vertical blinds, and window scarves. One great thing about fabric is that there is so much variety that you can find fabric that goes with just about any decorating style you have or want to create.

Buy a natural, undyed fabric, instead of buying a patterned or colorful fabric, and paint it. Painting fabric truly lets you create just the right look for any room in the office or house. Special effects can be had by using different techniques and different "styles" of paint like fleck-stone, string-paint and hammered metal. If you have vertical blinds with a fabric insert, paint it with any number of different kinds of paints, including spray paint, wall paint and fabric paint. Watch that you don't pollute your air by selecting a paint that off-gasses with volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

For a dramatic touch with a window scarf or valance, paint can again be an inexpensive way to add pizzazz. Even tie-backs for your curtains can be painted, adding contrast or interest to your window treatments.

You may be restricted to using fabric paints, if your fabric isn't on a stiff backing, like a vertical blind, because the paint will flex with the fabric, unlike regular spray or wall paints. You can paint a wide range of fabric window coverings including curtains, horizontal blinds, roller shades, roman shades, and of course vertical blinds.

Consider natural fabric options like grass cloth, bamboo fabric, silk, hemp, wool and cotton. Research your options to find the fabric that interests you, fits your budget, gives you the most sustainable choice, and matches your decorating style.Is that choice also readily paint-able? If so, add your painting touch, and voila, you have a unique masterpiece.

Fabric window coverings aren't difficult to clean or maintain. A simple dusting or vacuuming regularly will keep them clean. If you have to do more than vacuum them, be very careful so that your paint doesn't flake off, ruining the pattern and look you created. Sometimes a dry-cleaner will be the answer. Sometimes using a large, front-loading commercial washer is will work the best. Environmentally speaking, the front-loading washer with baking soda, is your best bet.

Whether you buy your fabric window coverings or make them, painting the fabric will add a unique look that will tickle your fancy. Instead of spending a bit more money on a more expensive fabric or color, take the less expensive route and add your painted design.