Outdoor Shades

Keeping the heat out of your home and office is one great way of controlling your interior climate. Outdoor shades are one great way of keeping the sun out, which keeps the heat out. Some solutions let the views in while keeping the sun out. Your location and weather conditions will guide you in making your choice from the various outdoor shades available, as will your budget.

Outdoor shades are widely used in areas that are warm and get a lot of sunlight. This use of shades serves many different purposes for homeowners and business-owners, including making the home or business more energy-efficient, keeping the building cooler, and keeping your furniture and other furnishings from being damaged by the sun. These reasons and more are why many people choose to purchase outdoor shades for their homes and businesses.

There are several different kinds of outdoor shades that you can choose from, including louvers, awnings, shutters and sunscreens. They all block the sun, but in different ways. By considering the area that you are covering carefully, you can determine which choice is right for you.

  • Louvers:
    Louvered windows look much like a blind placed on the outside of the window, but they are made from much sturdier materials. These louvers keep the majority direct sunlight out, while allowing some of the ambient light in. They come in both movable and non-movable models. Depending upon your needs, you can even get louvers that are storm and hurricane resistant as well.
  • Awnings:
    Awnings work differently than the louvers or shutters. They can be used in a variety of ways, but most commonly, awnings are installed over a patio or deck to help block the sun from these areas. They can also be installed over doorways and windows to help keep out the heat of the sun. Awnings are available in many different materials, including metal and fabric, and they come in retracting versions if you want to be able to retract them.
  • Shutters
    Shutters are another option for you to block the warmth and harsh sunlight from your home. Most of the time, homeowners mount the shutters on the outside of the windows and they do not open and close. However, if you need or want protection from sunlight or storms, you'll want to choose shutters that are hinged so that you can open and close them as you desire. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles to ensure that you can find shutters that fit the design and color of your home.
  • Sunscreens
    Sunscreens are installed much like an awning, except that they are made of cantilevered blades that block the sun, rather than a solid piece of fabric or metal. This is a more stylish option and it will cost you somewhat more.

Outdoor shades can be worth the money that you spend because they can help make your home or business more energy efficient. By blocking the harsh sunlight from your windows, it will help keep the room from warming up, which will make it easier on your air conditioning system. They can also keep your furniture, carpet, and curtains from being faded by the sunlight. Outdoor shades can save you from that warm and harsh sunlight and can save you money.