No-Sew Window Treatments

Need a quick solution to your window coverings? Try various approaches to no-sew window treatments. You can be traditional or avant garde in your approach, and have lots of fun too. Here are just a few ideas to help you along the way.

Whether it's the end of your budget or your patience, many people find themselves looking for inexpensive no-sew window treatments. It's surprisingly easy to get a great decor look without spending a bundle of spending hours hunched over a hot sewing machine.

Thrift stores, flea markets, white sales and remnant bins are all good places to look for no-sew window treatments. Look for big expanses of interesting cloth, like scarves and tablecloths. A frilly, lace tablecloth makes an excellent drapery. All you need is a rod and brackets. Just drape the tablecloth over the rod to the desired length. A long scarf, especially one with fringed ends, can be draped over the finials to make an interesting valance.

By the way, clip-on drapery rings are a great idea for no-sew window treatments. These rings have little clothespin-type clips on their bottom edges, making it easy to prepare any piece of fabric for hanging on a curtain rod.

Shower curtains are another unusual type of no-sew window treatments. Fabric shower curtains work best, although plastic may not be out of line in the kitchen or bathroom. You can simply feed a slim curtain rod through the eyelets already cut into the top edge of a shower curtain. Add some attractive costume jewelry to strategic folds and you will have a very unusual no-sew window treatment.

Some sheer fabric with a pre-finished edge can be bunched and pinned with costume jewelry to make stunning balloon curtains. Designs can be rubber-stamped onto the material before it is strung on a curtain rod through that pre-finished edge.

Patterned, ruffled bed sheets can be used to simulate a traditional three-pinch curtain. Fold and pin the sheet at six-inch intervals, then staple the material to a piece of wood for support.

Simple swags add fresh no-sew window treatments to existing curtains, blinds, and draperies. Ceiling hooks can be screwed in at each end ­ put one in the middle for wide openings such as patio windows. Then just hang swags of fabric, floral garlands, or whatever strikes your fancy.

One way to gussy up no-sew window treatments is with a satin ribbon border. This does not need to be sewn on. Just buy some ribbon and some equally wide iron-on hem tape. Fuse the ribbon to the fabric with the hem tape and an iron.

One of our favorite no-sew window treatments is a fabric-faced bamboo shade. For this project, you'll need a bamboo shade, a length of interesting fabric, and some spray-on fabric adhesive. Take all of this outdoors because the adhesive’s fumes can be irritating. Unroll your bamboo shade and cut a piece of fabric to fit it. Spray the indoors-facing side of the bamboo shade with adhesive. Press your fabric firmly to the shade and let the adhesive dry.

One of the most exciting no-sew window treatments is the "beaded curtain" look. You can use strings of real beads, of course. But it’s also fun to cut hollow squares and rectangles of paper and cover them with translucent colored contact paper. Then use paper clips to join the squares together in chains.

You imagination is the only limit for no-sew window treatments