No-Sew Window Treatments

No-sew window treatments are a quick way to dress your window in style. The ease of this approach almost makes you wonder why more people don't go this route. You could go a slower and more permanent approach with shutters or blinds, but fabric window coverings are inexpensive and fast.

Window treatments are one area of household decor where there is plenty of room for customizing. While not everyone has the skill or equipment to do lots of do-it-yourself projects, like making their own furniture, almost anyone can make their own curtains, swags, or other elements of a pleasant window treatment. Many do-it-yourself window treatments come in the form of kits; basically you get the fabric, instructions and patterns, and your chosen window treatment flows from your sewing machine. It may seem to those of us who don't sew that we may be out of luck, but this is far from the truth. There are many, "no sew" window treatment options available.

The best thing about a no sew window treatment is that it is both quick and easy, and generally requires only a beginners level of skill. For this reason, it will be easy for you to experiment and try different things.

A good place to start for an inexpensive no-sew window treatment is at your local fabric, craft or department store. Look for an appropriate size piece of fabric. Remember that you don't want to do any sewing, which of course would include hemming, so a great place to look would be in the bedding section for a ready made sheet. Also consider shower curtains, lap throws, and table linens to find great ideas.

Once you've found the piece of the size you desire, you are ready to create your no-sew window treatment. The idea is going to be similar to how most shower curtains are set up. Most fabric, department, and variety stores sell the curtain rings with clips you need to hang fabric. Then you just need a curtain rod (or ideally you already have one in place) and you're ready to go. As you've probably already guessed, you simply clip the material in place on the rings and you have yourself a no-sew window treatment! You can use sheets, table clothes and even shower curtains for this approach. Or throw the piece over the curtain rod, double it over, and tie it in the middle, and voila, you're done.

There are non-fabric ideas you could implement in creating wonderful window treatments, including shutters, blinds, and contact paper placed directly on the window. But the fabric approach is faster, generally easier, and often cheaper than these other ideas. And the ease of changing the window covering is harder with the non-fabric window coverings.

Many people think of a no-sew window treatment as one only appropriate for those who don't sew. On the contrary, a no-sew treatment has benefits other then the ease in which it can be created. Unlike sewed window treatments, a no-sew curtain can be effortlessly removed and re-hung as you see fit. Not only does this make it much, much easier to wash regularly (let's face it, most sewed or otherwise permanently attached curtains don't see a washing machine too often) you can also replace the curtain with a different color or style in no time, and as often as you like.

For these reasons no sew window treatments are an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned sewers a like. They are quick, easy, and offer a flexibility that simply can't be met with a sewed curtain. Add to this the fact that you have the option of using fine fabrics that would be damaged by sewing, and you can see that a no sew curtain treatment is a choice everyone should consider.