Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are great for their practicality and fun for the drama they can help you create. Can't reach a window? Motorized window coverings are an answer. Creating a home movie theatre? Motorized curtains are the trick. Would you like the window coverings to open and close based on the weather to keep your home the right temperature? Motorized window treatments can save the day. There is a wide range of reasons for having motorized window treatments. Which one works for you?

Technology and window treatments can be combined, which is probably quite exciting to a technology buff and the practical person too. If you like all things with motors, then you will want to consider adding motorized window treatments to your home.

For those of you with difficult-to-reach windows, motorized window treatments are a good idea. And for the person with a dramatic view, a motorized window treatment can add more "wow" with the magic of automatically-opening curtains. They come in many different varieties and they are quite functional and fun to use, too. Motorized window treatments offer you the functionality of being to able to open and close your window coverings using a motor versus doing it by hand.

Motorized window treatments can be used for curtains, vertical and horizontal blinds, and even for shades. You can opt for a remote control, wall switch, infrared control, or even a voice command unit. You can retrofit your existing window coverings and treatments with the motor control, or you can design the window treatments and motor together to give you exactly what you want.

The materials you choose for your window treatments will make some difference to the motor you can use, but your choices range from wood to vinyl, and fabric too, with all the different shades and colors your can imagine. These motorized window treatments will work well in almost any room and can be used in conjunction with curtains or alone. It is entirely up to you.

I knew a man whose living room had fantastic mountain views. He loved the dramatic too, so when you stepped into his living room, the curtains opened automatically, exposing the views to you. He could override the mechanism and keep them closed if he wanted, but he loved the gasps of delight from his guests, so rarely used the override.

Motorized window treatments are a great idea in the windows, but they would also work well for a home theatre room to help close off the room from the rest of the home or to make a statement by opening the window treatments to show off a home theatre system. Make sure if you are trying to block out light that the window treatments are thick enough to fill this need. Motorized window treatments can turn a regular room into a home theatre that you can be proud of.

Another place that you may want to consider motorized window treatments is for an inaccessible window. Some newer homes with large entryways have windows that can't be reached. Having motorized window treatments installed on these windows can give you the flexibility of being able to open and close the windows coverings as needed. This could be the only way to get that sunshine out of your eyes.

Motorized window treatments are childproof -- or at least child resistant. There are no strings needed to open or close the window treatments, which makes them safer for children. You won't have to worry about your child getting tangled up in curtain or blind cords that could cause them harm or worse. The window treatments look neater, too, just because there are no cords hanging down.

Motorized window coverings can add great function to your windows. Whether you have been searching for an easier way to open and close your curtains or you simply like technology, you will be completely satisfied with the convenience of motorized window treatments.