Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen window treatments are as important as they are for other rooms in the house, but the demands are a bit different since the kitchen tends to be humid and greasy from the cooking that goes on there. You can use any window treatment approach you want, but the window covering needs to be more easily cleaned so that they can stay fresh looking for years.

Window treatments are one of the most important elements contributing to the overall look and feel of your home. When dealing with window treatments, many people are confounded by the sheer number of possibilities, and most of the time and energy they put forth is concentrated on window treatments for the living room and bedrooms in the household. The window treatments that are commonly overlooked are those in the kitchen.

There are a few reasons for this. On one hand, the kitchen is not a place that many people associate with relaxing, and thus creating an environment that is comfortable overall is not always the number one priority. Also, the kitchen window treatment has to be a little more practical than others: the kitchen window is going to be open and closed regularly when you are cooking, and it probably stands a higher chance of getting dirty then the other windows in your house. These two things notwithstanding, consider how much time you spend in the kitchen: it is certainly worthwhile to put some thought into your kitchen window treatments.

One of the most common kitchen window treatments are so called privacy tier curtains, or cafe curtains. This is basically a single curtain that runs the width of the window, but only hangs in the bottom third to half of the window. The reason for this is that, much more so then with other windows in your house, you are often standing in front of your kitchen window (it's usually near the sink, after all) for long periods of time, and there can be a real feeling of being exposed. But you can get privacy and views with this kitchen window covering. Another benefit of a privacy tier curtain is that it remains in place permanently; it's not something that is opened and closed.

This brings us to another important element of kitchen window treatments -- you want something that is practical. More than any other room in your house, when you're in the kitchen your hands are often going to be wet and/or dirty, so you don't want to be touching your curtains all the time. Look for kitchen window coverings that don't have to be touched, and accomplish your goals of privacy and insulation. If you go for regular curtains or blinds, make sure you choose those that can be opened and closed with a mechanism, like a pull string or wand, so you can minimize how often you touch the window treatment material itself.

Another idea is to use blinds or shutters that are easily wiped off or taken down and washed. Kitchens are humid, greasy rooms, and the kitchen window treatments will need more frequent cleaning than other window coverings in your house.

More than any other part of your house, if you are going with curtains or shades, you should be encouraged to go with a patterned fabric when selecting your kitchen window treatments. While bright floral patterns can look out of place in a living room or bedroom, they are highly appropriate in the kitchen. And the pattern can help hide the stains associated with being in the kitchen.

Whatever your choice, select a kitchen window covering that's both bright and practical. After all, although you're not always relaxing, chances are you do spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You deserve privacy and comfort in the kitchen, and this is one way to get it.