Kitchen Window Curtains

There are several approaches you can take to window coverings in the kitchen. Depending on whether you are going for privacy or temperature control, your kitchen window curtains can be minimal coverage or total coverage for the window. You can create a window treatment with several different elements to the treatment or keep it simple and just do curtains. Have fun with it!

Kitchen window curtains are just one type of window treatment, but they come in an incredible variety of styles and accessories. Choosing the right kitchen window curtains for your home requires taking into consideration many factors besides the room’s décor and color scheme.

The direction in which your kitchen windows face is one important factor in choosing kitchen window curtains. Kitchen windows that face the rising or setting sun put glare in the face of anyone standing at the sink or the counter. But when the sun is high, sunlight does not shine directly into one's eyes. Such kitchen windows may need double curtains; one layer of opaque material to block out strong light, and a second sheer layer to merely soften light and provide some privacy.

Some common kitchen window curtain styles include valances, tiers (often called privacy or cafe curtains), swags, or even three-piece swags and valances.

Tiered kitchen window curtains have a six to eight inch long curtain along the top of the window and an 18 to 24 inch curtain along the bottom, leaving about eight inches of clear window exposed. Tiered kitchen window curtains provide some privacy while allowing light in and letting one see out.

Valance kitchen window curtains consist of only the narrow top curtain, providing more style than screening.

Swag kitchen window curtains consist of two scalloped or triangle-shaped curtains which create a graceful outward-sweeping double curve when hung. Swag curtains cover more of the window opening than do valance curtains, but often they need the help of a horizontal tier curtain to provide privacy and maximum shade.

A three-piece swag/valance kitchen window curtain consists of two swags on the sides and a valance with a scalloped or downwardly curved bottom edge. This treatment provides a good deal of shade and privacy, and the curves break up hard straight edges in a pleasing manner.

Hardware for hanging kitchen window curtains consists of simple brackets and rods made of wood, metal, or plastic. Drawstrings are unnecessary because kitchen window curtains are often stationary; besides, kitchen window curtains are generally quite narrow and a quick tug of their edges is enough to open or close them. The finials or end-pieces of kitchen window curtain rods can be plain or elaborate, and the rods themselves may be smooth, fluted like Dorian columns, or otherwise gussied up. Curtain rings and other types of hangers are not often necessary; the rods just slip through a folded-over loop in the top of each kitchen window curtain.

The colors of kitchen window curtains are generally chosen to contrast with the surrounding walls. Bold, bright colors are often used to frame windows that admit lots of sunlight, while milder pastels are not washed out by shady light.

Patterns run the gamut in kitchen window curtains. Plain solid colors are popular, but more often one sees patterns of fruits and vegetables; dairy products; leaves and flowers; and a riot of abstract patterns. A kitchen is often considered the heart of a busy home, and busy patterns fit well with busy meal-making activity.

Kitchen window curtains are small touches in home décor, but they are very personal touches. Let your imagination and feelings about kitchens run wild when choosing kitchen window curtains.