Insulation and Window Coverings

Insulation and window coverings go together like a hand in glove. It helps to have at least double pane windows but even then window coverings are valuable in keeping heat or cold transfer from increasing your utility bills or making your home or office feel drafty.

Most people do not even realize how much heating and cooling is lost through their windows. This is especially true in older homes that do not have updated windows. The connection between insulation and window coverings can be quite a close one if you choose your window coverings with thought and consideration. In addition, by learning more about this connection between insulation and window coverings, you can keep your home more temperature controlled year around and you can decrease your utility costs.

You can't have this connection between window insulation and window coverings with just any window covering available. Some of window coverings are just not made to insulate windows due to their design or the material that they are made from. Here are some of the window coverings you can consider.

  • Thermal drapes or curtains
    These window coverings are specially made with a thermal backing that helps keep the window's insulated not allowing air through. They are readily available in stores all over the country and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to make them aesthetically pleasing as well. It is important to make sure that your curtains or drapes completely cover the window area, however, or they won't work as well.

  • Insulating window shades
    These come in a wide variety of materials and styles to meet your decorating and functional needs. The most important thing to remember is that they need to fit your window very closely, so for a hard to fit window, it may be necessary to have them custom fit.

  • Shutters
    Shutters are another option for insulation for your windows and home. Shutters come in many different styles and designs, but foam shutters seem to work best for insulation. And with the addition of curtains you have a great looking window treatment.

  • Layering
    Layering several window coverings can add insulation as well. Whether you are layering sheers, curtains, or drapes or using curtains with shades or blinds, this layering effect can help to keep your windows insulated and the temperature in your home more constant. You can readily create the window treatment that fits your style and needs.

Window coverings can have a huge impact upon the temperature of a room and the utility bills to keep your room or home cooled or heated. It's also good for the environment, simply because you will not be using as much energy and natural resources. By taking advantage of this connection between insulation and window coverings, you can have a huge effect upon your home, your finances, and the environment.