Insulated Window Coverings

Insulated window coverings are functional on several levels: temperature control, light control, and decoration. Glass has a low-R value, meaning it allows heat and cold transmission, causing your utility bills to be higher. Taking steps to improve the R-value of your windows will help you manage your heating and cooling bills. Insulated window coverings not only help insulate the glass, but can also the window trim which may not be as air tight as it could be, and the wall itself. Know your needs and choose the type of insulated window covering that will best suite your situation and decor.

Did you know that your windows are probably the largest source of an increased heating and/or air conditioning bill? Windows in many homes are not as airtight or as insulating as homeowners think that they are, and this misconception is costing people money every single day. That is why your window covering choice is so important. Using insulated window coverings will help in this heat loss from your home in the winter, heat gain in the summer, and will save you money in the long run.

The term insulated window coverings actually umbrellas many different kinds of window coverings that are available from curtains to shades. This wide variety will give you greater flexibility in styles, fabrics, and design so that you can have both a functional window covering and an aesthetically pleasing window covering, too. Some of the many kinds of insulated window coverings include:

  • insulated curtains

  • honeycomb or cellular shades

  • quilted window shades
  • Curtains are now available that have insulated liners to help keep the inside temperature constant. You can find them in all different styles, colors, and fabrics so that you can both meet your temperature needs and your design style. Some curtains are lined with an acrylic foam lining, which helps to insulate the window from allowing cold air in and keeping the warm air from transferring out through the windowpane. Finding insulated curtains is relatively simple as they are carried by many different retailers from large department stores to specialty home furnishings stores, and even discount stores.

    You could also make your own insulated curtains by lining your existing or new curtains with a reflective material, like a space blanket, and a lining. The rustling sound may be a bit much in bedrooms, but the resulting temperature control is wonderful. This approach also creates a room darkening benefit for those who like to sleep in dark rooms.

    Honeycomb or insulated shades are another one of the many available insulated window coverings. These shades are made of many different air-filled fabric cells. Air is a good insulator, so this approach works well. They come in various thicknesses, or layers, to help you find the ones that meet your insulating needs. They are easy to use, too. They work like regular window shades and are simple to install and take care of.

    Quilted window shades are another option if you are looking for insulated window coverings. Quilted window shades are just that -- quilted with layers of batting and fabric to create air pockets within the shades. They look like a quilt and are easy to open and close. They can be used under regular curtains or they can be used alone, depending upon your preference and window treatment approach. They are available in neutral colors or patterns to create the look you seek.

    One thing that you need to keep in mind is the installation of your insulated window coverings. You need to ensure that they fit well so that air cannot get around your window covering or you will be defeating your purpose. Make your measurements carefully, especially shades, to increase your satisfaction with the function of your insulated window coverings.

    If your home is older, then you may want to invest in insulated window coverings. Older windows are notorious for not being airtight and allow an air between your home and the outdoors. Not only can you insulate the low-R value glass of your windows, but with floor-length curtains, you can also increase the effective insulation of walls.

    Insulated window coverings are great for anyone who wants to cut their heating and air conditioning costs with a very simple and easy change. The small expense up front can net you huge benefits in money saved in the long run. Research and learn more about insulated window coverings for yourself so you will know exactly what you need for your home and needs.