Instruction to Make a Roman Shade

If you have a particular fabric you want to use in making your Roman shades, you have found a site that offers simple instruction to make a Roman shade. Be careful when measuring your window opening, and know if you are going to do an inside or outside mount. A homemade Roman shade will add interest to your window treatment. And Roman shades make great window coverings.

Roman shades have grown in popularity in recent years, especially as replacements for blinds in kitchen windows. The sleek lines of Roman shades compliment many styles of contemporary furniture. While Roman shades are for sale in many home furnishing stores, a lot of people are looking for instructions to make Roman shade.

The basic instructions to make Roman shade are not complicated. First, measure your fabric, leaving about two inches extra for hemming. Sew your fabric and lining material together, finished sides inside, along three edges. Then turn this "pillowcase" inside out so the right sides of fabric and liner are on the outside. Then sew two rows of stitches about one-half inch apart near the bottom of the fabric. Slip a wooden dowel measuring 3/8" through the tubular opening made by the two pieces of stitched fabric. Continue making these dowel pockets about every eight inches the length of the shade. Along the length of the shade, equal distances from each end of each dowel, sew a cloth tape loop or screw an eyelet hook.

Tie cording to the bottom dowel and thread it through the eyelets all the way to the top. Fasten the Roman shade to a 1x2" length of wooden batten, and secure the batten to the outside or inside of the window opening. Gather the two cords through eyelets fastened into the batten off to one side or the other. Pull on the drawstrings to raise the Roman shade and watch it fall into neat folds at each dowel. There are you instructions to make Roman shade, albeit very basic ones.

More detailed instructions to make Roman shade -- eleven different varieties, in fact -- can be found at The site offers a set of instructions to make Roman shade of the very basic variety free of charge, complete with illustrations and more than 30 step-by-step instructions. Instructions to make Roman shade in ten other styles are available, priced per set, in e-book format that you can download after paying with your credit card.

Unfortunately, most of the search results for "instructions to make roman shade" lead to just this kind of e-book seller, and most of those don't offer any free samples. You can plan on spending about $20 for instructions to make Roman shade. Why so much? Well, look at the alternatives.

Over at Roman shades start at $93 and run as high as $125. That's just for basic, one-color fabric. With prices like those, it's no wonder that so many people are looking for instructions to make Roman shade.

One of the best sources of free instructions to make Roman shade -- and balloon shades and Austrian shades -- is at You can download PDF files of illustrated instructions to make Roman shade. The site also has a free design tool that will make printable patterns from which to cut your materials. The patterns come with a list of cords, lift mechanisms, battens, cord pulls, lining material, and other things you may need -- all of which are sold on

It can be hard to find instructions to make Roman shade, but now you have three good sources from which to choose. And if you decide against making your own, see if you can buy a Roman shade that fits your style.