Ideas for Interesting Window Treatments

Looking for ideas for interesting window treatments? There are lots of great ideas out there, so opening your mind to fresh, creative energy is part of the answer to your quest. You can use a wide range of materials, including animal hides, blankets, wood, fabric, and even plants, to create the right look for your window coverings and treatments.

Window treatments -- that is anything you use to decorate your windows, from simple curtains, shutters and blinds to more elaborate setups -- can have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of your home. Window treatments are also an exciting area of home decor to explore, as they allow for a lot of creativity without necessarily having to spend a lot of money. Window treatments are also one of the few home decorations that you can easily customize yourself. Here are some ideas for interesting window treatments

The valance is a good place to start if you'd like to customize or add something different to a current window treatment. This is a pleated or gathered bit of fabric, or even a upholstered frame, that hangs above the curtain or window covering to hide the curtain rod or header bar. You could use a piece of material that is of a different color or texture than the curtain or shades; complimenting or contrasting with your various window treatments gives a special look that's all you.

Swags are sweeping curtains or drapes, found at the top of the window, and appears to hang from points at either corner of the window top. These days the term also includes the cascading fabric along the sides of the window. You can create an elegant, formal look with a swag, or something a bit more informal and rustic. Velvet and brocade make for beautiful and formal swags. If you're going for a western window treatment you can even uses animal hides for the swag. A new swag is the perfect way to liven up an existing window treatment.

Puddling is an approach to curtains and other fabric window treatments where the curtain is longer than the height it is hung. This installation of fabric then "puddles" on the floor. In days gone by, people who could afford to "waste" fabric by letting it collect on the floor were displaying their wealth, maybe ostentatiously. Today it's just another approach to your window coverings for a different look. Drape-y fabrics are the best choice for this because they will have a softer puddle than a stiffer fabric would create.

A window scarf is purely ornamental, not providing any privacy or insulating duty. The stretch of fabric is draped from the curtain rod in a decorative way to add ornamentation to the curtains. Fabric choices for this range from sheers, to silk to velvet. Your imagination can run wild as you consider your options.

You might also consider working with the curtain rod itself, as this is both relatively easy and commonly overlooked when it comes to window treatments. Try wrapping interesting pieces of fabric across the rod -- just look around on sale and find yourself a decent length of flowing fabric. By draping it across the rod you can create a beautiful play of both color and light.

Another interesting idea that is often overlooked is to use wooden blinds -- these can add an extremely warm feel to your room. With this treatment, the effect of morning light coming through wooden blinds is hard to match.

Also think of subtly. Rather then overwhelming your window with extravagant treatments, think of very simple, subtle treatments that allow light into your room in a clean, minimal way. Covering only the top of your window with a sheer, highly translucent fabric will accomplish this, and allow a subtle warmth to enter your room.

Another idea to consider is plants. While many people will place plants on their window sills with relatively little thought, a good arrangement can make for a beautiful window treatment. One thing many people overlook is to consider the outside of your window. After all, the purpose of a window treatment is not only to make your interior more pleasant, but your exterior as well. And remember that more people are going to see your home from the outside than the inside. Consider running a window box just below the window itself on the outside.

Talking about decorating the outside of your windows, consider shutters, bamboo blinds, and other permanent ideas to shade and add privacy to your windows. This is especially useful on the south and west windows, in the locations where houses can be close together and you don't want to leave your curtains or shades closed all the time, and when you are just looking for a different approach to your window treatments.

There are an almost infinite number of ways you can change and create window treatments, and as long as you keep in mind the overall look and feel that you are trying to accomplish with your room, it is hard to go wrong. Explore, and you'll likely be rewarded with a ideas for interesting window treatments that will create a beautiful new look.