Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades offer a variety of benefits, including insulation, light control, and decoration. Add to that the different styles they come in and you have a wonderful choice in window coverings. Add curtains, and you have a very interesting set of possibilities for window treatments in every room of your home or office.

Honeycomb shades are a wonderfully versatile way to cover your windows. They not only offer light control and privacy, but they also can help to insulate your windows, managing sound control and temperature regulation in your room. These wonderful window shades are also available in different sizes and designs so that you are not sacrificing beauty for versatility.

Honeycomb or cellular shades come in different thicknesses so that you get the maximum benefit for your money. They come in single, double, or triple celled so that you can determine which degree of energy efficiency that you can afford or desire for your home. Many people turn to this particular kind of blinds to help decrease the amount of heat that is lost through the windows during the winter and the shades can help to keep the heat in your home where it belongs. People might think that thicker shades are harder to open and close, but new technology makes them smooth and easy to use.

Honeycomb shades come with state of the art lifting systems, which help to make them easier to lower and raise. They are even available with a motorized lifting system that is controlled by a remote. This is great for those hard to reach windows or if you have children in the home, because then you would not have to worry about the dangers of hanging cords. If a motorized lifting mechanism isn't in your budget, however, there are ways to keep your child safe from the cords. The first way is to purchase a tie cleat where you wind the excess cord up out of the reach of your child. The second way is to make sure that your loops have a break away mechanism that breaks when the loop is pulled on to prevent strangulation. A little prevention can help keep your child safe and will help you enjoy your shades for many years.

Honeycomb shades are available with backing that can help you with light control as well. If you sleep during the day, then you will want to find a backing that can block all of the light from the room. They are also available just to filter the light, which keeps most of the harmful rays from the room, but also allows some light to filter through the shades to help keep the room light and welcoming.

Colors and fabrics abound in your choice of honeycomb shades. You can find shades in sheer fabrics to more colorful patterns and designs. There are honeycomb shades that will mesh with just about any decorating style that you can imagine. With just a little searching, you will find the perfect honeycomb shades for your room and home.

Honeycomb shades can insulate, control light, give privacy, and beautify. Is it any wonder that many homeowners purchase these versatile window shades each year?