Funky Window Treatments

Funky window treatments are making a come back. Once the province of "hippies" and consignment store or garage sale professionals, now upscale homeowners and professionals are trying their hand at this fun approach to window coverings.

Do you have a little "funk" in your soul? Are you drawn toward some of the more funky embellishments and fabrics in your decorating? If you are, then you are in a very popular group. Funky decorating has exploded into the decorating world in the last few years, thanks to decorating shows and magazines. It is important to think of your windows, too, when decorating, by using funky window treatments to help make the entire room into the room of your desires and your dreams.

What constitutes funky window treatments? Retro patterns, colors, and embellishments like beads, help to turn a bland window treatment into a funky window treatment that expresses your personality and joy for life. Funky can also be an unusual blend of textures, colors and styles. Funky window treatments can be purchased ready-made, made from fabrics and embellishments you choose, or you can simply help "funk" up a neutral window treatment with unusual embellishments or touches.

In most cases, all you will need to create your own is a handy dandy hot glue gun, needle and thread, or can of spray paint. But you can also get a bit more extravagant and involved with the elements you put together to create your own funky window treatment. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make your own window treatments, especially curtains.

If you do not find what you want ready-made at the store, then you may want to visit the fabric store and see what fabrics catch your attention. The fabric choices are numerous in funky window treatments. You can use hot glue to simply make a pocket in the fabric to put a curtain rod through or you can create window shades pretty easily as well, whichever you want.

Speaking of pockets, wouldn't it be funky to have pockets on your curtains? Pockets you could have flowers, hankies, toys and other interesting touches tucked into? No matter what level of crafter you are, you will be able to find instructions to make window treatments of all different kinds, from a valance to curtains to window shades.

Here is a sample of the kinds of things you could put together to get your own funky window treatment:

  • sliding panels with shelves/cubby holes for knick-nacks

  • vertical blinds that are effectively tie-died with spray paint, finger paint, or colored glue

  • garlands of flowers and leaves tacked to sheers

  • a padded fabric-covered border around your window with a contrasting fabric hanging over the window

  • shutters that are painted in an antiqued style and then topped with some unusual paint treatment, like silly-string paint, stone or hammered-metal paint, or just spritzes of metalic-colored paint

If you are afraid of sewing or crafting your window treatment, you have another option to have funky window treatments. You can purchase plain, neutral-colored window treatments and embellish them with all kinds of different materials. Just let your imagination go wild to create the funky window treatments that you want using supplies like paint, beads, sequins, cording, and fabric or leather scraps. This can give you the opportunity to express your creativity and personality in the decorating of your funky window treatments.

Funky window treatments can be a great way to add a little touch of personality in an otherwise bland room, as well. A splash of color and texture can make a big difference in the feel of a room, which can make it feel more inviting and interesting to your family and your visitors. If you don't want to decorate your entire room, this is a great way to give a room a new feel and look for very little expense.

Imagination is the key in funky window treatments. Look around at items at the store, because you will be surprised by what items strike your interest for your window treatments. Be brave and allow your creativity to shine. You will be glad you did!