French Door Window Treatments

French door window treatments can be challenging but aren't impossible. Select your window treatment to either completely cover the French doors or to just cover the glass. You get very different looks that can compliment your decorating style with the various choices in your French door window coverings.

Do you have French doors in your home? Many people who have them in their home are unsure of what kind of French door window treatments they need or want to cover their doors. You don't have to be afraid of covering your French doors.

There are many ways to use French door window treatments without sacrificing their beauty and the light that they bring into your room. Here are a few ideas to use to cover your French doors:

* Curtains or sheers
* Blinds
* Frosting Kit
* Dare to Be Bare

Curtains or sheers are a wonderful French door window treatment. A thin curtain rod hung at the top and bottom of the French doors with light sheers is a great way to add privacy, but allow some of the light into your room. If you cannot find curtains in the right size for your French doors, you can easily create your own from a fabric you choose at the store. Just measure the area that you want to cover and then add enough at the top and bottom to sew a pocket for the curtain rods. You'll have instant custom-made curtains that will look great on your French doors. If you are not a sewer, you can even use iron-on adhesive or fabric glue. Curtains or sheers are a great addition to anyone's French door.

Blinds are available in many different sizes and types; that's what makes them great to use as French door window treatments. They are also flexible in that they are easy to open and close depending upon your needs and desires. From wood to fabric blinds, you are sure to find the exact style that fits your rooms feel and d├ęcor. There are even blinds enclosed in glass that you can find to fit French doors; enclosed blinds reduce your dusting challenges and are great for homes with children who seem to be drawn (so to speak) to playing with the blinds. Check your local home improvement store to see what kind of blinds that they offer that will fit your French doors.

Your local craft store sells frosting kits you can use to frost all of the windows for privacy or you can just frost designs in the windows like leaves, vines, or other patterns that fit your decor. These kits are easy to use and can be simply removed by scraping the glass with a razor blade. This is great for French doors that lead to a bathroom or other area where you need total privacy, but do not want to completely block the light or open feeling of the room. Check your craft store to see what they offer.

Bare is also another great option for French door window treatments. Leaving most of the door bare, but adding a valance to the top can help add a touch of color and keep the French doors from looking bare and unappealing. You can also hang window scarves beside the door frame to soften the look without interfering with the doors' operations.

There are other subtle ways of decorating your French doors that will add interest and reflect your personality and style. For example, changing your doorknob will add interest to your door and room. Stenciling the wood of the French door is another decorating touch you can use to create a wonderful window treatment for your French doors.

Whether you want to cover your door completely or just provide the option for privacy or light control, you are sure to find French door window treatments that will fit your desires and your needs.