French Country Curtains

French country curtains can be great focal points of your window treatment, as well as in other decorating concepts throughout your home. Use them in your windows for privacy, climate control and for decoration. Consider a French lace panel as a wall hanging in a large space, say in an open stairwell. Room dividers and doorways can also be enhanced with the use of French country curtains.

The warm and welcoming colors and designs of French country curtains can help to make a room feel more inviting and full of life. Homeowners are drawn to this decorating style because of the homey and rustic feel of the French countryside this style imbues. The French countryside is often the inspiration for this style of style, fabric and color choices. The French country style and sophistication they bring to a room are part of their appeal.

Choosing to forego the curtains can make a big difference in the completed look and feel of your room and can, in fact, detract from the rest of your decor leaving the room feeling unfinished and unbalanced. That is why you need to carefully consider your curtain and window covering choice, whether it is French country curtains or another style of window covering.

Some of the fabrics that you may see in French country curtains include toile, rooster prints, flowers, checks, and a combination of checks and florals. Some of the most common colors that you may see in French country design are reds, greens, blues, and yellows that are bright and vibrant. You may also see more natural umber, ochre, and terra cotta colors as well that are taken from the French countryside.

Soft sheers and tailored curtains are used in combination with each other. For a more luxurious look, the curtains and sheers may pool on the floor to make the room look more sophisticated. Wispy lace panels are another option in French country curtains, especially if you are not concerned about privacy. These panels will allow light to flood into the room, helping it to feel more bright and welcoming.

French country curtains are not only for the windows, either. In the bedroom, these curtains can be used to surround the bed to make it feel more romantic and cozy. Using the casual and comfortable fabrics can instantly update your bedroom to make it more inviting for you. Surround the entire bed or you can use it to create a focal point at the head of the bed, whichever that you choose.

Another way to use French country curtains in other than the window is as a room divider. Try them in the bathroom doorway for extra privacy. Or separate the sitting area from the sleeping area. There are many delightful uses for French country curtains.

You can create the warm and welcoming place that you want in your home, simply by using French country curtains. Use the curtains as a focal point in your room or as a way to enhance the rest of the decorating in your room. Carefully consider each element of your windows, including the curtain rods, curtains themselves, and tiebacks to create just the right look for your room. You will be amazed at what a difference your curtain choice can make in a room.

French country curtains can add just the right rustic touch to your bedroom, living room, or other room in your home. Many people love the touch of sophistication and style that French country styled accessories add, along with the welcoming and inviting feel. Combining all of these elements is just what you will find the French country design and French country curtains for your home.