Fabric Roller Shades

Fabric roller shades were very popular in the early 1900s, but seemed to lose favor as mini-blinds came into vogue. I fondly remember the tatted shade pulls my grandmother had on her fabric roller shades. There are problems with roller shades, as with any window covering, but there are lots of benefits too, benefits you can enjoy by having roller shades. The con is they wear out a bit faster than other types of window coverings, and the pro is they are great at blocking light and giving privacy.

Shades are a wonderful way to cover your windows that you can use in conjunction with other window treatments. Fabric roller shades can offer you the opportunity to control the amount of light and privacy that you need and desire in your home. They are very functional and easy to install and use, which makes them ideal for a number of different rooms in your home. In what rooms should you think about using fabric roller shades?

There are two big flaws about any roller shade, but especially fabric roller shades, and that is the roller portion of the shade wears out after awhile and won't roll the fabric back up, and the edges of the shade tend to wear out and fray, detracting from your room's decor.

One of the ideal rooms for fabric roller shades is the bedrooms in your home. Fabric roller shades are great for blocking light, but they are easy to open of you want to allow the light in. If you want maximum light control, then you purchase special darkening shades to keep all of the light out. Fabric roller shades are ideal for keeping your privacy as well. The ability to open and close them will give you more choices on when you need your privacy and when you want to be able to look at the scenery.

Another great room is the living or family room. It is essential that you be able to control the light in these rooms for many different purposes. One purpose is that being able to keep the direct sunlight out of the room will help keep your furniture, carpeting, and curtains from fading and another purpose is that keeping the direct sunlight from the room can help you to keep the temperature more constant. Being able to open and close them as you want will give you the opportunity to see the outside of your home, including your landscaping.

Other rooms that you can use them in are for kitchens or bathrooms. The privacy that they offer is great for a bathroom and the light control can be a wonderful benefit in the kitchen. Assess your needs and determine where you need some light control or privacy to help you determine where fabric roller shades will work best in your home.

Fabric roller shades are also highly functional decor-wise. They are available in any color that you can imagine, which is great for decorating. And if you can't find the right fabric design in the roller shade, you can have it made custom for you. This will give you the opportunity to integrate them into any room that you desire or need. From more neutral creams and whites to more vivid colors like reds, yellows, and blues, you will be able to find the color that you want and need in fabric roller shades.

Another great benefit to fabric roller shades is the fact that you can embellish them yourself, if you so choose, to make them into a customized window treatment for your particular room. You can choose to use fabric paint to create shapes or other designs on a fabric roller shade with just some tape or your creativity. This is a great and budget-friendly way to make customized window treatments for your room.

Fabric roller shades can be a good addition to any window. They offer you a great deal of flexibility and function, which is great. If you are looking for a way to cover your windows that is both functional and beautiful, then fabric roller shades may be just the thing for you.