Extra Long Shower Curtain

There are many reasons you may want extra long shower curtains, but you are in enough of a minority that you'll have a hard time finding them. Extra long shower curtains may be part of a special bathroom decor, for an unusual shower design, or for a tall person. Find out where to buy them here.

The standard shower curtain is 72 inches long, and usually just as wide. This size is fine if you have a standard bathtub shower enclosure. The top of the shower curtain can be hung six-and-a-half to seven feet high, keeping spray in the tub. The bottom won't touch the floor but it will overlap the side of the bathtub by several inches, keeping water inside of the tub.

But what if you have a narrow shower stall with a low lip? Or what if you're extremely tall and water bounces off your head and over the top of the shower curtain? Then you need an extra long shower curtain, and perhaps one that's a bit narrower than standard. They can be hard to find.

The Linens4Less.com Bed & Bath Superstore has the size you need, although the selection is very limited. Extra long shower curtains in the standard 72 inch width and lengths of 78, 84 or 96 inches are available. So are extra long shower curtains for stall enclosures, only 54 inches wide. The thing is, presently they come in vinyl only, and in just three colors including clear.

For nylon and polyester fabric extra long shower curtains check the BedBathStore -- it has 84 and 96 inch lengths. The MESA model polyester extra long shower curtain has repetitive design, pastel chevrons on the white model, and a feathery wood-grain effect on the beige model. The nylon extra long shower curtain comes in just plain white. The BedBathStore also has 84 and 96 inch long vinyl extra long shower curtain, and just for good measure an extra wide shower curtain that measures a whopping 108 inches across! They also carry stall shower curtains that are 54 inches wide and 78 inches long. There is something for everyone at BedBathStore.

A lot of style and a little extra length are available in the extra long shower curtains sold by VitaFutura, "for the individuals among us". These 200 cm (78.7 inches) long shower curtains come in nearly 80 different patterns and materials including nylon fabric, PEVA plastic, and vinyl.

Even more variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and lengths are available with semi- and full-custom made-to-order extra long shower curtains offered by FabricWorkroom.com. The semi-custom option costs less than fully custom shower curtains, but one's options are slightly limited by comparison. You get buttonholes for hooks instead of a choice of buttonhole or grommet. You can choose from "only" 250 fabrics instead of over 1,000. The semi-custom extra long shower curtains can be had in narrower stall widths, while fully-custom shower curtains can be ordered extra wide. Of course, FabricWorkroom.com also offers matching bathroom curtains, valances, and other accessories in the fabric you choose for you extra long shower curtains.

In the UK, extra long shower curtains are available in nearly 50 styles from Showerail, a discount shower curtain store. These extra long shower curtains are 200 cm in length ­ 78,7 inches. They come in polyester and vinyl, and a host of unusual patterns. Showerail ships to the U. S., Canada, the Bahamas, and Bermuda too.

Your search for an extra long shower curtain should soon be over.