Exterior Window Coverings

Exterior window coverings can help reduce your energy bill and protect your furnishings. That makes any exterior window covering you use at your home or office an environmentally friendly action. Choose the window covering to fit your home's style, weather patterns and climate (wind is a factor in any exterior window covering I consider), and budget.

Everyone likes to save money, right? Did you know that you can save money with your choice of window coverings for your home? Most people do not even realize how much the windows can affect the temperature of a room, and thus, the amount of energy that you use to keep your home heated or cooled. Exterior window coverings cool a room, or help it stay warmer.

Studies have estimated that if everyone in the United States would cut their energy consumption by as little as ten percent, then we could keep from having to build up to 27 new power plants each year. This is quite an amazing thing, because it would also keep these new power plants from releasing pollution into the air that is dangerous for our health and the environment. One way that you can decrease the amount of energy that is used in your home and decrease your energy bill is to consider exterior window coverings for your home.

There are many different options in exterior window coverings that are functional for keeping your home at a constant temperature and beautiful, so that your home will look great on the outside. The key is finding the right exterior coverings for your particular home and your style, so that you will use them and be satisfied with the look of them. What are some options in exterior window coverings?

  • Exterior window shades. These shades are specially made to help block up to 92% of the UV rays of the sun. This can help keep your furniture safe and it can keep the temperature in your room more constant. They are not blackout shades, but block enough of the UV rays to give you relief from the harsh sun’s rays.
  • Exterior window film. This is a great option for windows, because it can protect against the UV rays, glare, and can give you privacy without having to sacrifice the view to the outdoors. It is easy to apply as well, which makes it ideal for the most novice of do-it-yourselfers. If you are applying the film primarily to decrease your energy consumption, then you will want to look for insulating window film to keep the temperature in your home more constant.
  • Exterior window shutters. Most people assume that shutters are only for aesthetic reasons, but they can be quite functional as well. Especially in rooms like sunrooms, these retractable exterior window shutters can offer a beautiful option that is functional as well.
  • Exterior window screens. Solar window screens can help to block out some of the rays of the sun without you having to sacrifice all of the light. They block up to 80% of the harmful rays of the sun that fades furniture and other furnishings, as well as aid in keeping the temperature in the inside of your home more constant. These screens can be motorized to make them even easier to use, too.

Exterior window coverings can save you money in the long run. Yes, there will be an investment when you install the window coverings, but the money that they save you by reducing your energy demand and saving your furnishings can increase more and more each year. Consider exterior window coverings for your home to help your energy consumption level and the environment.