Elegant Window Treatments

Elegant window treatments are somewhat a matter of taste. You may know exactly what you want, but looking around can help in the creative process. Look online, in magazines and books, and in decorator stores for ideas to spark your imagination. Touch the materials you are considering to see if they feel as good as they look. Mix and match to create the window treatment that fits your decor.

The choice of window treatments for your home can be quite confusing with all of the choices from elegant window treatments to funky window treatments and everything in between. The major reason it is so overwhelming is that windows are different in size and shape from home to home, so there are no hard and fast rules concerning window treatments.

Compound that with the numerous decorating styles and you have mass confusion. There are ways to find the right window treatments for your home, however, you just have to be willing to take the time and effort to make the decision carefully. Your the steps you need to take:

  • Measure
    This is one of the most important steps that you do when you choose your window treatments. If your measurements are off, then you will find that your window treatments will not fit your window correctly, which can throw off the entire decorating scheme of your room. Poorly fitted window treatments do nothing to enhance the window area. They actually detract from the window and cause excess attention to be drawn to it.
  • Research
    This is where you discover styles you like. What combinations of materials appeals to you? What blend of lengths and widths fit the look you are seeking? And what about the materials themselves? For example, if you want elegant window treatments, you want to find fabrics and styles that will reflect the elegance you are creating in these window coverings? This will save you time and energy, because you can just concentrate your search on the style and type of window treatment that you need for the particular decor in your home. You can also get an idea of the different price ranges of the window treatments that you are considering to get an idea of how much you need to budget for your windows.

    Your research includes not only the look you want, but maybe even the decorator or designer to help with the creation of these elegant window treatments. Mixing and matching materials and styles can be tricky. If you have an eye for that you'll be comfortable being your own decorator. But if you aren't practiced, you may be better off hiring your help. Decorators and designers have leads on beautiful fabrics, hardware and styles.

  • Create
    Will you have a simple window covering that makes your elegant statement for you? Or will you combine different looks to create an elegant window treatment? Simplicity is sometimes the best approach, but not always. Brocade, silk, damask, wood, velvet, and gold cording can all be elements of your window treatment. Deep, rich colors can be part of your creation; or combine them with quiet or subtle colors. Bold or subtle textures, alone or combined, can go into your window treatment.Your style will dictate some of the direction you go.
  • Purchase
    Now is the time for you to make your final decision and make your purchase. Whether you choose to purchase from a brick and mortar store that is in your local area or from a website, make sure that you find window treatments that you will be happy with for a while. Otherwise, the money that you spend may not be worth it. If you are purchasing from the internet, be sure that you add in the additional costs of shipping and handling to make sure that the whole amount fits your budget. It may sound like a good deal, but may not be such a good thing after these two things are added into your total. Be aware of that.
  • Install
    Once you have your elegant window treatments or other style of window treatments in hand, you are ready to install. Depending upon the window treatment that you choose, you will install it inside the window area or on the outside. Read the instructions that came with your installation kit to determine the "right" way to install your particular window treatment.

    Or possibly better yet, hire someone to install the window treatments for you. You've spent time and money designing the elegant look, don't blow it now by having an amateur installation. If you hired a professional to help in the design phase, they'll likely have professional installers to take care of this step for you.

  • Creating an elegant window treatment takes time and imagination. Your homework will be 90% of the effort in this project. Don't rush. Get the look you are dreaming of with help of magazines, friends and professionals.