Easy Window Treatments

Easy window treatments can also be considered affordable window treatments. Easy also implies quick. Go with curtains, shades or blinds for your window coverings and combine several styles to create fabulous window treatments.

Making your own window treatments can take many hours of shopping, measuring, cutting, and sewing. Here are some easy window treatments that can be put together in far less time.

Dining tables can provide all the materials you need for easy window treatments. Tablecloths can become curtains if you just staple them to a piece of wood and attach the wood to the window casement. Matching napkins can form an unusual valance the same way. Sometimes place mats can be hung from a rod to produce an even or uneven layered valance look. A tablecloth can also become a swagged valance; just drape it over a rod and tie it off in several places.

Bed sheets can make easy window treatments, too. The finished edge of a bed sheet provides a pocket through which a curtain rod can be passed. It doesn't matter if the bed sheet is a bit too wide for the window opening; just gather it in a swag and let it hang. Two sides of a nicely ruffled bed sheet can provide matching panels of ruffles for a window, while the ruffled foot of the bed sheet makes a nice valance.

Scarves make easy window treatments. A long, silky, fringed or sequined scarf can easily be swagged across the top of a window to make a unique valance. Really large scarves can serve as cafe curtains, covering the lower half of a window for privacy while allowing a view through the upper half.

Some very easy window treatments can be made by simply stapling lengths of fabric to a narrow board and nailing the finished treatment over a window. This eliminates the hassle of curtain rods, brackets, rings, and draw strings.

Fabric shower curtains make easy window treatments. Their ready-made eyelets can be threaded onto a curtain rod. A thick curtain rod supporting the large plastic rings typically used with shower curtains creates an offbeat, fun look. Plastic shower curtains are acceptable in bathrooms and kitchens, and they are easy to clean.

No-sew Roman shades are easy window treatments. Take an old mini-blind and remove all the slats except those eight inches or so apart. Use fabric adhesive to fasten tabs of liner fabric to these slats, and glue your chosen face fabric to the tabs. When the blinds are drawn up, the fabric will collapse into graceful folds.

Fabric adhesive can help make other easy window treatments. Take a bamboo or "match stick" roll-up blind and coat its face with fabric adhesive. When the adhesive is tacky, glue on your favorite fabric. This window treatment is not only unique, it provides great privacy too.

Roller shades are easy window treatments right out of the box. Plain white vinyl shades can be dressed up with a little paint and stencils, or just paint your own creation freehand. Roller shades also come in a variety of patterns and textures.

Blinds are also easy window treatments. Today, many decorators recommend sheer fabric blinds which combine the beauty of sheer fabric panels with the light-adjusting abilities of blinds.

There are many easy window treatments. All it takes to save lots of work is a little creativity and boldness.