Door Curtains

Door curtains are an interesting way to handle several decorating challenges. The most obvious is how to cover a door's window without it interfering with the door's operation. But another use is to create a doorway covering in a tight space. Or if you have lots of doors opening into a small area, hanging a door curtain instead of a door will help reduce the clutter and hassle of all of those doors. But another idea for door curtains is more along the line of actually "building" walls by hanging fabric, effectively creating smaller spaces in a large room. Your imagination can run wild as you create fun and useful treatments with door curtains.

Curtains can be used for many different areas and not just for windows. This great flexibility allows you to use them to block doors, to separate a room that serves several different purposes, and of course to cover windows in doors. You can use regular window curtains as door curtains for whatever use that you can think of. What are some of the common uses of door curtains?

Door curtains can be used for almost any purpose that you can imagine. Updating a closet area is a great purpose for a door curtain. You can completely remove the closet doors to open up the area or to add a decorating touch to your room that can make a huge impact. There are many different choices in door curtains that you choose from for your closet area, including fabric, beads, or even a wood or grass weave. You will find exactly the decorating style that you need and want to help cover your closet area or to make it more interesting and more of a decorating focus.

Another wonderful way to use a door curtain is to help break up a large room. This is especially useful if you use a room for several different purposes. For example, a large living room may be separated into a dining area, office space, and a living room. You may want to separate your office area from the rest of the room to help give you a place to work at home or do homework without having to try to keep your focus away from the television and to offer you some privacy. This door curtain can be hung from the ceiling to help separate your room into different areas without making any structural changes. I used this approach in my college dorm so we could separate our sleeping area from our "living room"; it worked great for us.

Shower door curtains are another place that curtains block off a space. There are specially made shower door curtains that fit shower hooks. These door curtains come in numerous varieties, including fabric, plastic, and vinyl. To make your shower area more visually appealing you may want to use a fabric shower door curtain along with a plastic or vinyl curtain to help keep the pretty door curtain in good shape for a long time.

Door curtains are a great way to add a decorating touch to any room that you choose. The variety of materials is endless and you can make quite a big impact by using these curtains to separate a room, close off an area, or for any other purpose that you choose. Beaded curtains and fabric curtains will offer you an overwhelming choice of textures, colors, and designs. By using the colors and textures to your decorating benefit, you can turn it into a focal point that will help to enhance your decorating style.

And if you have a door with a window in it, say a French door or even just the top half of the door being glass, and you want to provide both privacy and temperature control, there are several curtain ideas for you. The most frequent style choice is a panel lightly gathered and secured at both the top and bottom of the window portion. The fabric is often translucent so light can get through while privacy is maintained. You could also consider a cafe-curtain style of door curtain. Just be sure that the fabric doesn't interfere with the door knob or flutter too much as the door is opened and closed so you don't catch the fabric in the door when it's closed.

Door curtains can be a wonderful addition to both your decorating style and your home. By using them as a way to separate your room, block your closet, or add impact, you will be making your room into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you can enjoy and be proud of. And they also let you cover your door's window so that you have style and privacy.