Door Curtains

Door curtains are increasingly important with the rising cost of energy. Glass isn't a good insulator so curtains are a great companion to a door for reducing energy costs. There are other reasons to use door curtains too, like for privacy and decoration.

The term "door curtains" covers many different things. From a sliding glass door to French doors to your front door to a doorway -- each of these areas can need door curtains. Door curtains can be used to separate an area, give added privacy, allow climate control, or block light.

Door curtains are not a special curtain, however. Many times, they are just window curtains that are modified by the use of two curtain rods at the top and bottom of the curtains or are just hung in a doorway. The key to finding door curtains for your home is to find curtains that fit the decorating style of the room where you are going to use them.

Sliding glass doors are one area that you may want to use door curtains. There are many options for your sliding glass doors and your choice is entirely dependent upon your needs. If you are in need of privacy, then you may want a heavier curtain to help keep your privacy, but you will most likely want the ability to open and close the curtains so that you can see outside and use the door. In these days of rising energy costs, covering a sliding glass door is important to your budget. Glass is a poor insulator so needs help on days of extreme temperatures, help door curtains can provide.

French doors sometimes need curtains as well. This installation will require curtain rods on the top and bottom of the door so that the curtain will be attached to the door itself. This makes it simple to open and close the door as you want without having to worry about the curtains coming down. You can choose sheer or lace curtains, or something more substantial, depending upon your needs. Again, there is enough glass in French doors that door curtains can help manage your utility bills by keeping temperature extremes outdoors, and increasing the comfort of the room.

Buying a new front door for your home may leave you with a beautiful door, but what about your privacy? Many new doors these days have windows in them, but with the windows comes a quandary. How do you cover these windows for privacy? Using curtains that are connected at the bottom and top of the open area is one easy way for you to keep your privacy from people coming to your door or passing on the street.

A closet doorway may be in need of some blocking, especially if you are as disorganized as I am. You can use just about any kind of window curtain to block your mess from the eyes of your friends and family. If you are feeling groovy, you can even use beaded curtains to block off a doorway. Think about the decorating style of the room that you want to separate an area in and then go with that. Many different options can separate an area and make it look a part of the room while disguising the mess.

Door curtains are something that you may not think much about, but they can have a huge impact on your privacy, light, and room decor. Putting some time and effort into finding a curtain that goes with your decorating style and functional needs will give you a great deal of satisfaction and functional use.