Discount Curtains And Drapes

Finding discount curtains and drapes may be easy if you aren't particular about what you get. If you have a specific look in mind your hunt could be a bit longer and more challenging. Looking in the phone book, discount stores and online are good starting places for your search.

In these days of tight budgets and big windows, it makes sense to spend some extra time shopping for discount curtains and drapes. There are literally thousands of places online and in the real world that advertise "discount curtains and drapes". It can be very hard to know when you really are getting good deals.

Generally speaking, a general department store will not have the best discount curtains and drapes. Discount curtains and drapes are a tiny fraction of the stores1 business, and its buyers don't spend a lot of time hunting for the best deals and styles. The same is true of specialty stores that offer discount curtains and drapes as a complement to their main focus, like The Pottery Barn. If you find discounted curtains and drapes at these kinds of stores they probably are loss-leaders for curtain rods and other window treatment elements. Still, you may occasionally find great values on discount curtains and drapes in such places, as managers drop prices to clear out slow-moving inventory.

Online stores have become numerous and popular places to buy discount curtains and drapes, for several reasons. First, fit is simple and foolproof, unlike with clothing or shoes, if you follow the seller's instructions for measuring your window openings. Second, you can sometimes get your discount curtains and drapes cut to order and shipped to you, from the comfort of your home; there's no need to go to a store twice to order and to pick up finished goods. In fact, some stores won't cut to order at all; you have to cut and hem your own discount curtains and drapes. Third, an online store that specializes in discount curtains and drapes can offer literally thousands of fabric, color, and style combinations at low prices enabled by low overhead.

Factory Bargain Drapes is one online seller of ready-made discount curtains and drapes. On this company's web site you can search for discount curtains and drapes by color, style, fabric, or size. There is also a clearance section full of "hot deals". Factory Bargain Drapes has been a supplier to retailers, interior decorators, and home improvement centers since 1954. By eliminating these middlemen, the company claims to pass savings of 50-80 percent on to consumers who buy from it directly. Factory Bargain Drapes pleats its discount curtains and drapes by hand; uses strong steel curtain hooks that won't sag; sews double hems throughout its discount curtains and drapes; inserts high quality crinoline top stiffener that won't fray apart during cleaning; and sews everything with sun-resistant cotton/polyester thread.

Half Price Drapes specializes in luxurious fabrics: silk, velvet, and linen. The company was founded in 2004 but claims over 5,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Its customers range from interior designers to restaurant owners, hoteliers, and individual home owners who want something sumptuous in discount curtains and drapes. "What makes us unique is that we weave our own fabric, create our own embroidery patterns and manufacture our own drapes" in a 5,000 square-foot workshop, the company's "About Us" page says. A team of professional designers keeps abreast of the latest trends, and dedicated seamstresses transform their ideas into truly unique and luxurious discount curtains and drapes.

As you can see, there is a very broad spectrum of options available for discount curtains and drapes. The online world is probably the best place for you to shop for discount curtains and drapes.