Discount Cellular Shades

Discount cellular shades are an economical way to get great window coverings in any room. Take advantage of discontinued fabrics or models, or bulk purchases by the store to get your windows covered.

Windows can either enhance or detract from your room. There are many different window coverings that you can choose from for your windows and making this decision, along with the cost that is associated with window coverings, can be a very difficult decision. One option that you may want to consider for your windows is discount cellular shades. These shades add texture and interest to your windows and they will help you to stay on budget. What are the benefits of discount cellular shades?

Discount cellular shades have a much different look than the more common vinyl shades. They are also known as honeycomb shades, due to the honeycomb look that they have. They filter light through, but offer the utmost in privacy, too. This is great for rooms like bedrooms, because you want to keep your privacy, but the added natural light to your room helps to make it brighter and more inviting.

They are easy to raise and lower as well, so when you want to look out the window or you want to allow more light in, then it will be simple to do. There is also the option of top-down and bottom-up opening styles in the same window covering.

Furthermore, these cellular shades are available in many different materials, which will make it easier to find shades that fit your decorating style. And you can buy them in a room darkening style too.

Regardless of your decorating style, you are sure to find a discount cellular shade that works well in your room. You can use the shades in conjunction with a curtain or valance treatment or you can choose to use them as the focal point of your window, whichever you choose.

Cellular shades come in several different thicknesses. From one-, two- and three-celled varieties, you can choose how much insulation and light-blocking you want and need for your windows. The more cells you have the more energy efficient the blinds are, because the trapped air insulates the windows. This can make a big difference in the temperature of your room, no matter what season it is. The insulation can have other benefits as well.

I love my two-celled shades. My house stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I can lower the top to let the view in while keeping the sun out, or I can raise them from the bottom when the mood strikes.

Discount cellular shades can help insulate your room from the noise outside, too. This is wonderful if you live on a street with loud neighbors or with a lot of traffic, because it helps keep some of that irritating noise outside of your room. They can offer you a way to keep your room more relaxing and refuge-like, so that you can sleep when and for as long as you want.

You can find discount cellular shades at discount home improvement stores, at closeout stores, and at regular stores during a time of markdowns or sales. The key to finding the best price on your discount cellular shades is looking around at many different stores, both online and in person to find the price and the shades that fit your decorating style, your windows, and your budget.